July 29th 2018

The weekly ‘30’ Card Game continues in the Community Centre this Friday 3rd August at 9pm. Thanks to the ladies for the teas last week. Catering on Fri 3rd Aug will be: Bridget O’Gorman, Ann Stafford, Kay Whelan & Agnes Whelan Proceeds going to Parish funds. Card winners on Fri 20th July were: Mary Jackman, Mick Bolger, Terry McDonald, Pat Byrne, Nick Doyle, Andy Reville, Pat Doyle, Owen Elmes, Betty O’Shea, Kay Whelan.
The All Ireland Track & Field Championship were recently held over 3 days with great results for many of our athletes. Marguerite Furlong won the U19 Discus, with a throw of 32.73m, while also winning the U19 Shot Putt, with a throw of 10.67m. Eadaoin Stafford placed 5th in the U19 Discus and Zara Power finished in 7th place in the U19 Shot Putt. Ciara Mooney was 6th in the U14 Javelin with a throw of 29.20m and she also finished in 9th place in the U14 Shot Putt. Triona Mooney was 2nd in the U19 3K walk in 16.18.05 minutes. Rachel Power finished 8th place in the U17 triple jump. Ben Wall finished in 2nd place in the boys U15 1,500m in a time of 4.31.95 mins. Sonia Mooney was 2nd in the U18 Javelin with a throw of 29.42m. Kate Jackman was 3rd in the U17 Javelin with a throw of 29.93m with Rachel Power finishing in 4th place with a throw of 25.96m. Tara Doyle finished in 5th place in the U18 triple jump, jumping 10.48m. Well done to all our athletes competing at such a high level. The Juvenile track and field events have now come to an end for this year, with most of our athletes deserving a well-earned rest.
On Wednesday 18th July the ladies of Adamstown ICA Guild and a number of friends travelled to Waterford on their annual outing. They visited Waterford Crystal first, and were brought on an extensive tour of the workshop, where they say the glass blowers and engraves at work. It takes eight years to qualify as an engraver, having to learn 800 different cuts during their apprenticeship. Then it was on to the ‘Bishops Palace’ and ‘Medievial Museum’ where our guide gave a detailed history of the building, and its occupants through the years. We saw the only set of ‘High Mass’, vestments in existence, made form Italian silk and embroidered with gold thread. Also on display was a hat belonging to the infamous Henry VIII, which he presented to Waterford City. After lunch we travelled to the Copper Coast and our guide Jimmy told us all about the thriving industry in Copper that existed there. We also walked the Geo Garden which had steps depicting pre-historic times and Jimmy gave us some lessons in foraging. Then it was back to The Tower Hotel Waterford for a very welcome dinner and we enjoyed a bit of banter with Paddy the bus driver, as we tried in vain, to make a mate for him with some of our single daughters. Thanks to Cáit for all her hard work organising the outing, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
A BIT OF HISTORY – Adamstown Community Centre
A dream became a reality in Adamstown when the magnificently-appointed Community Centre was blessed in an ecumenical ceremony involving V. Rev. N. Hartley, P.P., and Rev. Norman Ruddock, Rector, and officially opened by the Parish Priest. The opening which climaxed years of hard work, dedication and community commitment, was attended by a large number of parishioners and well wishes who heard the Chairman, Mr Terry McDonald, say that the complete complex, including the development of the playing pitches, cost in the region of £75,000. Prior to the opening, Campile Pipe Band paraded from the village to the Centre and the evening concluded with the final of the Senior Hurling tournament between Rathnure and Faythe Harrier and the ladies championship semi-final between Cloughbawn and Forth Celtic. Addressing the packed multipurpose room, Fr Hartley complimented the various members of the community who worked so hard and contributed so much to make a dream become a reality. Fr Hartley said they lived in an age when working hours were getting shorter and leisure time was increasing. The sort of facilities they had in the Community Centre provided an outlet for people during their leisure hours. He said it took a great deal of initiative, a great motivation and a great deal of dedication to make the Centre a reality. He said he hoped there would always be people with initiative and dedication to keep the place active and used. He urged the community to give the Centre the moral and financial support it deserved. Rev. N. Ruddock said the Adamstown had a wonderful facility in the Community Centre whose facilities should help the community to get in much better shape. He complimented the people who had the vision to build such a wonderful complex and he expressed the hope that the young people would use the facility. Mr Abban Delaney, Chairman, Adamstown Hall Committee, said the Centre had its origins with the GAA Club wanting a playing pitch and they came to the Hall Committee to help them out. The late Mr Rothwell said he would not sell his land to any organisation, but he would give it to the community at large. He said he really admired the men who put so much of their spare time into making the Centre a reality. He wished the centre the best of luck and expressed the hope that the place would be appreciated and used as much as it should be. Mr Jerry O’Connell, assistant manager AIB New Ross joined in the tributes and congratulations and said that it wonderful achievement on the part of the community. He hoped all the young boys and girls would grow up to use and appreciate it. Mr Terry McDonald, Chairman, Community Centre Committee, thanked everyone who made the day possible. He thanked everyone who supported their fund-raising activities. He said the total cost of the Community Centre, taking into account the cost of developing the playing pitches was in the region of £75,000. The Hall Committee had contributed £30,000. The debt now stood at around £20,000. He appealed for support for the Centre. Opened Sept 1980.
Sat 28th – Jim & Nora McGee, The Leap (A)
Sun 29th – People of the parish
Sat 4th Aug – Bob Barron, The Leap
Sun 5th – People of the Parish
May they rest in peace
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Mon-Fri each week
St Anthony’s Mass continues every Tuesday night at 7.30pm in St Abban’s Oratory.
Sat 28th – Eoghan Greene Sun 29th – Kathleen O’Connor
Sat 4th Aug – Frances Galllagher Sun 5th – Callie Doyle
Sat 28th – Caragh McDonald, Megan Martin
Sun 29th – Clodagh & Watt Crean, Tosia Swierczynska
Sat 4th Aug – Joshua Power, Daniel O’Gorman, Stephen Power
Sun 5th – Liam Dooley, Cara Whelan, Aimee Mackey O’Donohue
Open air Mass at St Abban’s Well, Adamstown,
Sunday 29th July 2018 @ 10.30am.
Thanks to the ladies from Ballyvergin/Glenour for looking after the Church and Altars for the month of July. It is now the turn of parishioners from Misterin for the month of August.
Wexford – Coolcotts Community Centre, booking online www.accord.ie
CAPUCHIN DAY CARE CENTRE 29 Bow Street, Dublin 7
Every day The Capuchin Day Care Centre provides 600 meals for people who are homeless and each week 1000 food parcels for those on the poverty threshold. Help Bro. Kevin continue providing this caring service. Bro Kevin or Theresa 01 8720770. www.homeless.ie
Saint John Vianney, 1786-1859, had to contend with poverty, military service and his own intellectual shortcomings in order to become a priest. In 1817, he was sent to care for the people of Ars, a small obscure French village. The marvellous gift of the unlearned priest for seeing into the depths of the soul brought the world to Ars. From 1830 on, the curé averaged twelve to sixteen hours a day in the confessional. Patron of priests.
Be gentle, when you touch bread. Let it not lie, uncared for un-wanted, so often bread, is taken for granted. There is much beauty, in bread, beauty of sun and soil, beauty of patient toil. Winds and rain have caressed it, Christ often blessed it. Be gentle, when you touch bread.
Winning numbers in draw 27th July were: 16 – 18 – 21 – 30.
No Jackpot winner, 1 match three winner, Pat Byrne, Ballindoney receives €200. Winning seller – Kathleen Kearns. Next draw Friday 10th August.
Canadian singing superstar Michael Buble has thanked his loyal army of fans around the world for their support and prayers after his son was diagnosed with cancer. The Catholic crooner took to the stage at Hyde Park in London last weekend for his first concert in over a year after taking a sabbatical from his singing career to help his son Noah, in his fight against cancer. ‘You have no idea how much it means to be surrounded by all you beautiful souls,’ he told the 55,000 strong audience. ‘I want to thank you for everything you have done for me. Thank you from me and my family for your love and support.’
Pause for a moment on each tweet. Use it to examine your conscience.
Love can recognise good things even in bad situations. Love keeps a tiny flame alight even in the darkness.
The Eucharist contains all the flavour of Jesus’ words and deeds, the taste of his death and resurrection, the fragrance of his spirit.
What lasts? What has value in life? What treasures don’t disappear? Definitely two: God and our Neighbour.
The mystery of the Blessed Trinity invites us to live in Communion with one another, in love and in sharing: certain that wherever there is love, there is God.
I was a total failure at school, because I was a dyslexic at a time when nobody understood the why's or the wherefore's of dyslexia. I would have ended up on life's scrap heap, a social drop out, and an utter disappointment to my family, had it not been for one thing. My mother loved me with an all-consuming, but never selfish love, and this gave me the strength to overcome my disadvantages by enabling me to teach myself to read and write, and to make a future for myself that ultimately enable me to make a living as a freelance writer. Love can make possible what is totally impossible without it. Love gives people strength, it gives them security, maturity, and enables them to become even more perfect human beings. If human love can do this, how much more can God's love do?

Ss Joachim and Anne. Traditionally named parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandparents of the Lord. The earliest reference to their names is the second-century apocryphal Gospel of James. Their feasts were celebrated separately until joined together in the Calendar reform of 1969. St Anne is patron of Canada, women in labour, miners, cabinet-makers and home-makers. The death of Anne is celebrated in the Byzantine rite on the 25th July, also the day the basilicia at Constantinople was dedicated. in her honour around the year 1550. Her cult in the west began in the twelfth century, and in the following century her feast was placed on the 26th July. Though suppressed for a .short time from 1568, it was reintroduced to the Universal Calendar in 1584. The feast of St Joachim was also included in the 1584 Calendar, on the 20th March and in 1738 moved to the Sunday after the Octave of the Assumption and in 1913 changed to the 16th August.