April 26th 2020

Fr. Robert will continue to offer Anniversary Masses each weekend, which were arranged before the Covid 19 outbreak and close of Church ceremonies.
You are asked to kindly hold on to your Trócaire Boxes until further notice from the Diocese.
"Bravery Under Fire" is the title of a film shown sometime ago and is an account of the life of Fr. Willie Doyle, SJ killed in action in August 1917.
In his biography of a memorable First World War chaplain, Fr. Willie Doyle, Alfred O'Reilly tells the story of a Dublin Fusilier who happened to be home in Dublin on leave at the time of Fr. Doyle's death. Meeting a friend who told him the news, he kept repeating incredulously, 'He's not dead. He couldn't be killed.' When at last he was shown a paper describing the padre's death, the soldier spontaneously knelt down on the pavement and began to pray. Then to the crowd that had gathered round him, he recounted how, when he was lying wounded in an exposed position and expecting every moment to be killed by a shell, Fr. Doyle had crept out to him and carried him to a place of safety. I am sure the two disciples on the road to Emmaus had similar feelings of confusion, sadness and desolation at the death of Jesus.
In the Republic of Ireland, Pro Life Campaign (PLC)
are outraged that women seeking an abortion during the Covid-19 outbreak no longer have to visit a GP twice in most cases this is replaced by virtual consultations, in most cases
with the woman only having to visit hospital to take the final pill. PLC spokesperson Eilis Mulroy, said: "It is utterly reckless that Simon Harris has approved these new guidelines. When ushering in his new abortion law in 2018, he repeatedly gave assurances about how safe his new abortion law would be for women, citing the two visits that the pregnant woman would have to make to her GP before any abortion took place. But in the blink of an eye, the Minister has done a complete about turn in order to facilitate abortions taking place during the Covid-19 lockdown."
(The Irish Catholic - April 16th 2020)
Billy O'Donnell, Taghmon, who regularly attends Prayer Group gathering in St. Abban's Church on Sunday nights
is an inspiring lady. At the young age of ninety-two and a half, her daughter recorded her playing the mouth organ for her family while cocooning at home in Taghmon and it has gone viral. Speaking on South East Radio on Friday last, her positive attitude and outlook should be an inspiration for all.
Best wishes Billy, who we remember for her outstanding performance in plays over the years.
Helping Older People who are Most In-Need
Age Action has launched a Covid-19 Hardship Fund in conjunction with the Irish Red Cross to respond to the immediate needs of older people in vulnerable situation across Ireland experiencing additional hardships as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis.
How: Coming together they have raised funds to make available once-off grants, up to a maximum of €500, per person/household affected.
Who can apply: Older people in need of assistance, family members supporting an older person and carers of older people, social workers and local voluntary organisations or community groups providing direct assistance to individuals within this target group.
What can I apply for: Any practical needs that are adding to your hardship as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic and increased social distancing restrictions of cocooning for over 70's. This can include costs of the following examples and other needs as they arise within the scope of this fund:
Small household maintenance, repairs, and safety improvements.
Food and basic provisions and associated delivery costs.
Upgraded or New small appliances (fridge, freezer, washing machine, TV, cooker etc)
Providing Digital Technology Equipment, for example smart phones or tablets.
Contribution towards increased energy costs or telephone bills.
Contribution towards additional home or personal security costs.
Contribution towards additional travel costs for essential reasons (medical appointments etc)
How Do I Apply: The Covid-19 Hardship Fund Application Form is available by contacting
Irish Red Cross at 01 6424600
Age Action at 01 4756989
The fund is open from April 1st 2020 to 31st August 2020.
We will ask that you verify that the funds are used for the purpose intended by supplying receipts and photographic evidence where possible.
THE NUMBERS - (Gene Kerrigan, Sunday Independent)
There are about 65,000 nurses registered as active in Ireland.That's a lot of nurses, right? On an entirely unrelated point - do you know how many millionaires we have?
No fewer than 77,984. Yep, we've got more millionaires than nurses. Between 2013 and 2019 there was an EU-wide surge in the number of millionaires. In the UK, in that period, there was an increase of 12pc.in millionaires. In the EU as a whole, there was a 14pc surge in millionaires. Here, the millionaires surge was 32pc. And, of them 1,029 are classified as 'high net worth individuals' people with at least €30 million to their name.
A BIT OF HISTORY The early days of Adamstown Athletic Club.
The present Club was formed in 1953, although there had been a club in Newbawn in the early fifties with prominent athletes such as the O'Brien's, Oldcourt; the Walshes of Carrigbyrne; the Doyle's of Scullabogue etc.,
The first officers of the club formed in 1953 were, Chairman - Thomas (Sonny) Walsh; Vice-chair - Gregory Bolger; Secretary - James McGee. Treasurer - Patrick O'Brien.
Athletics at that time was run under NACA rules. The Club had to wait until 1956 to win its first award, which was the Novice Cross-country, run over a very stiff course in Adamstown. The athletes had to cross a river no less then 8 times. The panel on the day included the Kelly twins from Glenour, John & Willie; Phil Doyle, Jimmy Furlong, Murt Roche and Jack Murphy. 1961 was the best year the club had. They won that year what no other club had achieved:
5 championships - novice, junior, intermediate, youths, U-18 and U-20. Novice team that year was: J Greene, P Murphy, P Doyle, J O'Shea, N O'Brien, S Bradley, P Kehoe, N. Walsh & M. Kehoe, very prominent during those years were the Walshe brothers from Brocurra. Nick Walsh was the best of the four. He was a Gold medal winner at Co. Championships, and also won individual medals in Leinster, Junior and Intermediate Championships. Other good athletes in the club at the time included the Bradley's; Kehoes, Delaney's and many more. Coming under B.L.E. rules the club continued to flourish, winning both novice and intermediate titles. With the introduction of races for ladies,
the club was immediately successful. They won novice, junior three years in a row and repeated the feat as seniors.
They were also runners-up in the inter club competition at Leinster level. At one stage the club was in the unique position of having 5 sets of sisters on a senior team, namely the Doyle & Cloney sisters from Ballagh; the Delaney & Dillon sisters from Brocurra; the Bradley sisters from Ballyvergin. Other athletes on the ladies team included; Kathleen Lambert; Margaret Kent; Bernie Byrne; Linda Kidd; Bridget Power and later the Walshe girls, daughters of Thomas & Nick Walshe. Other athletes to bring honour to the club over the years were: Michael & Pat O'Leary, Pat, Michael & J.P. Delaney; Peter, Tommy & Davey Kehoe; the O'Shea's. Booths & Bolgers from Adamstown, D. Nolan, J Green, P Murphy & W Kennedy, Clonroche. In 1976 the senior club disbanded and joined forces with New Ross AC to form United Striders. Adamstown A.C. continued as a Juvenile club under B.LO.E. rules with sons and daughters of older athletes keeping the flag of success flying
Recently a new concept was conceived by those running the shrine at Knock. On the extensive grounds that lie between the basilica and the old parish church there is in the process of being laid out a Creation Walk, with some 30 stages, which will illustrate and illuminate for visitors the history of the cosmos and its divine purpose as seen by theologians.
Through a combination of design and natural planting the Creation Walk will invoke for the visitor's contemplation and reflections the real world we live in and to which, every human being owes a supreme duty of care.
A PRAYER FOR MY SOUL (Irish Catholic)
Living through a pandemic is new for all of us, but it's not new for humanity. It's consoling to remember that we've been here before. In the margins of one 14th-Century Irish language manuscript, for example, we find two deeply moving notes written by a young scribe from east Galway, communicating fear, faith and gratitude:
"1,350 years from the birth of Christ to this night and this is the second year since the coming of the plague to Ireland.
I have written this in the 20th year of my age. I am Aed mac Conchubair Mac Aodhagáin and whoever reads it let him offer a prayer for my soul. This is Christmas night. On this night I place myself under the protection of the King of Heaven and Earth, beseeching that he will bring me and my friends safe through this plague and restore us once more to joy and gladness. Amen.
"A year ago this night since I wrote these lines on the margin below and may I by God's will reach the anniversary of this night many times. Amen"
A timely blessing - Fr. Martin Delaney
A blessing of healing hands for all our health care workers;
Yours are the hands full of experience and skill.
Yours are the hands reaching out with compassion,
Taking time to show care, swiftly taking action.
Yours are the hands gently touching your patients.
Your touch families, too.
Yours are the hands that show you care.
You lift the hearts of those who suffer.
Your hands celebrate the joy of healing.
Your hands bless all they touch with the spirit of compassion,
Thank you for sharing your abundance and gifts,
For touching lives and lifting spirits.
Blessings and thanks for the many works of your hands.
Compassion asks us to go where it hurts, to enter into the places of pain, to share in brokenness, fear, confusion, and anguish. Compassion challenges us to cry out with those in misery, to mourn with those who are lonely, to weep with those in tears. Compassion requires us to be weak with the weak, vulnerable with the vulnerable, and powerless with the powerless. Compassion means full immersion in the condition of being human. (Henri J M Nouwen)
Hens/chickens have 24 vocal sounds, can see in 2 places at the same time and have 300-degree vision.
A man sees a group of people running terrified down the road towards him. The man asks one of them, "What are you all running for?" "A lion has escaped from the zoo! the man replies. "Oh no! says the man, "which way is it heading?
"Well, I'll give you a clue" he says, "we're not chasing it!"