July 19th 2020

Notice from Fr. John Carroll, Bishop's House, Wexford
At present, it is not envisaged that there will be any public Patrons in graveyards or cemeteries in Ferns Diocese - as numbers (normally) attending - exceed that which is permitted by national guidelines.
Priests are invited to say prayers for the dead at Masses on weekends of Patrons or during the weekdays, where appropriate.
Priests are also invited to bless graves (privately) on their own, or with the assistance of a small number of key liturgical personnel, as may be required.
Any changes to this position will be notified to you.
(The Free Press, Friday March 29th 1968)
On Saturday morning last a new Supermarket, owned and built by Mr. James (Jimmy) Bradley, Templeshelin was officially opened by Mr. Leo Carthy, M.C.C. Vice-Chairman of Wexford County Council in the presence of a large gathering of well-wishers. Rev A. Redmond C.C blessed the building, which is situated on the outskirts of Adamstown village. This very fine establishment was built by the owner, assisted by his two sons, Larry and Seamus, and apart from it s design and location, the wrought iron work in the building is noteworthy. Mr. Bradley is recognised as an outstanding exponent in this field. His two daughters Bridget, who trained as a hotel receptionist and Josie, who assists in the running of the family garage business at Templeshelin, will take charge of the supermarket, assisted by their younger brother Joe. Jimmy Bradley, whose family has been for years actively associated with the G.A.A. in Adamstown parish is himself a noted step-dancer and won an international medal with the famous Dungeer Mummers in Wales in 1968.
A modest, self-made man, he started as a blacksmith and as the changes to modern machinery came about he was well equipped to meet all challenges. He specialised in repairs to farm machinery, woodwork and his masterpiece - wrought iron work. Mr. Carthy, said "We are living in an era of sweeping changes in our country, with the E.E.C. round the corner, many critics ask are we fully equipped. If we had more men like Jimmy Bradley and his sons who are prepared to take off their coats and work, we could meet that European challenge and the country would be a better place" He concluded by wishing Jimmy, his wife, and family every success in the years that lie ahead. Fr. Redmond paid huge tributes to the Bradley family and wished them success and God's blessing in their new venture.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Sunday 19th from 3-4pm
The rock group, the Rolling Stones sang a song, which ends with these words,
"Let's drink to the hard working people,
Let's drink to the salt of the earth,
Let's drink to the two thousand million,
Let's think of the humble of birth"
This one verse tells us a lot about the people we call the salt of the earth: they are hard-working; there are a lot of them, and they are not the rich and the powerful but the humble of birth. We must add one more thing: even though they are many and they are lowly, they are the best. They are like salt that gives taste and flavour to life around them. We are giving the highest praise when we say of someone, that he or she is the salt of the earth.
Jesus was the first to use this phrase. He told his followers who accepted his values and lived as he lived, that they were the salt of the earth.
(Brendan Clifford OP - St. Martin's Magazine)
Spring Cleaning will take place in Adamstown and surrounding areas from July 20th - July 27th. If you would like to get involved you can pick up gloves and bags from Cullen's Gala shop. For further information contact Lorna on 087 7631442. Please be mindful of the 2m social distancing and the use of hi-vis jackets is advisable.
Congrats to everyone who completed the GAA Family Marathon Challenge last weekend. Participants ran, walked, kayaked and cycled locally, in different locations in Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the U.S. Well done to Kelly Whelan who ran the entire marathon in support of her father. Thank you to Aidan O'Brien who organized the Family Marathon and set up the Strava account to record the individual distances, those who served refreshments and set up for Kelly finishing her marathon. Brendan Murphy, (Horse & Hound) for donating the sandwiches, the Ladies Football Team who donated towards Cora's baking, to Cora for her mouth-watering confectionery and to Ted Bradley for the PA and the music. This fundraiser for Paul Whelan was a huge success and thank you to everyone who donated to the Paul Whelan GoFundMe account set up by Kelly Whelan and to those of you who donated directly to the Whelan family. Once again, the true spirit of the generosity of the GAA Family and friends was evident in their support for Paul who has given many hours of his free time volunteering with numerous clubs in the community. To date €18,237
(July 15th) has been raised and these funds will support Paul and his family.
Please pray for Pat and Molly Galway, Misterin Lower.
May they rest in peace
The death occurred on Wednesday 15th July of Bill (William) Murray, Templenacroha, Clonroche. To his wife Maura, daughters Barbara, Siobhan, Mag and Bernie, sister Catherine and all the expended family our deepest sympathy. Bill would have been well known and loved in the Adamstown area. Following a private family funeral on Friday in The Church of St. John Paul, Raheen, Bill was laid to rest in Raheen Cemetery. May his kind soul rest in peace.
PRAYER FOR THE WEEK - Prayer for our World
Lord in this time of tribulation
Hear the prayer we offer
For our suffering world.
May we be united in hope
For the future destiny of our world,
That together we can strive
To make it a better place,
Where our human family
Can live in harmony and peace.
Inspire our political leaders
To find just solutions
To the terrors that beset us.
Shine in our darkness like a candle,
So that in spite of all the uncertainties
In our world today
We may hold fast to our trust in you. Amen.
MAGICAL MAGPIES (Elizabeth McArdle - Far East Mag)
There are some birds such as the gentle wren and the robin redbreast, which are welcomed with open arms to our gardens. They fill us with delight and joy. The magpie, with its distinctive black and white plumage is certainly not one of these. In fact, I do not know of any other bird, which provokes such passion and fury as the magpie. Despite their undeserved bad name, magpies are very dashing members of the corvidae (crow) family and are believed to be one of the most intelligent of all creatures. They have demonstrated a remarkable ability to recognise their own reflections in mirrors, something that was once thought to be a defining characteristic belonging only to humans. Their very varied diet includes fruits, seeds, mice and other bird's eggs. They also enjoy dustbin leftovers, and waste food casually discarded on our streets and because of this magpie numbers have quadrupled in the last 35 years.
Magpies have the reputation of being cheeky sneak thieves and cannot resist a bit of bling. It is claimed that aluminium foil, spoons, bottle tops, jewellery and even windscreen wipers have been found in their nest. God never creates anything that is not fascinating. The magpie is top of the list here. Its most defining feature is its tail which is roughly the same length as its entire body.
The Sacrament of Confirmation which was to have Conferred on Saturday March 14th which was postponed because of the Corona Virus. And will take place on Saturday August 22nd the feast of the Queen ship of Mary @ 11am.
The First Holy Communion will take place in September a date to be announced.
"The figure of 6,666 abortions that took place in Ireland last year will be seared into the memories of anyone who read it because it is horribly symbolic. But how many will get to remember it because how many are aware of it ? The number was horribly underreported. Considering that it was the first ever figure produced since we repealed the pro- life amendment in May 2018 and replaced it with a liberal new law that came into effect at the beginning of January 2019, you would imagine it would have been widely reported but no. In fact ,you have to add on 375 abortions to the 6,666 Irish women who had abortions in Ireland because375 still went to England for a termination despite our new law .That brings the total to 7,041. In fact, the figures show how many lives the Eighth Amendment was saving each year, because even if the increase was 'only' 40% year on year, that is still 2,000 additional abortions in 2019 compared with the previous year .Multiply that down the years and we see that the Eighth Amendment saved literally tens of thousands of Irish lives. The repeal of the Eighth was tragic in so many ways." ( David Quinn -Irish Catholic July 9th 2020)
Adamstown historical society was formed in 2000
Since its formation, it has undertaken a wide variety of projects with the aim of enhancing our community, its culture and heritage. Adamstown Historical society is a totally independent voluntary organising promoting new ideas and events in our community. Projects include a number of historical calendars planting of trees and flowers around the village seating areas provided in Woodview Drive, the crossroads in the centre of Adamstown and the graveyard .An annual Christmas tree in the centre of Adamstown. a beautiful collection of 16 postcards produced from photographs of various town lands in Adamstown Various deserving organisations received donations from Adamstown historical society some within and outside the parish. Perpetual Trophy to the best historian of the year
Colaiste Abbain. The first committee Fr Nolan, Brendan O' Shea, M J Booth, Marie Louise Byrne, Nancy Bradley, Lisa Kelly, Helen Furlong, Pat Delaney, Liam Whelan, Alex Collier. we do not know what the future holds with the support of the people of Adamstown anything is possible everything is probable.
Jack gave the Irish Nation such happiness he was a English former footballer & manager and was part of the English team that won the 1966 world Cup. He managed the Republic Of Ireland from 1986-1996 Born in Ashington United Kingdom May 1935 achieving 2 World Cups and one championship appearances .May he rest in peace.