August 2nd 2020

Many people will have experienced the death of a loved one
during the Covid 19 Pandemic. To help those bereaved and in line with current Government guidelines, Bethany Bereavement Support can now resume its drop-in service in the Parish Pastoral Centre, Robert Street, New Ross. This will commence on Thursday August 6th from 11.00am - 12.00pm. Please come along if you need support.
Entry to the JFK Memorial Park and Arboretum will be free of charge from now until the end of December after it was decided that admission to certain OPW sites would be waived as part of the Government's July Stimulus Plan.
The measure came into effect on Monday July 27th, and will remain in force until the end of December. This measure is being implemented as a support to the domestic Irish tourism economy.
The Arboretum opens daily at 10.00am with last admissions 7pm. and closing time strictly at 8pm.
Contact: 046 942 6090 for further information.
WATER: The Source of Life
When scientists first examined rocks from the Moon and Mars, they searched, not for precious metals or oil, but for water, because water is the source of life. Even to have discovered one living plant on either planet would have caused huge excitement and hope. Our Earth is knows as the 'blue planet' because it is blessed with water. Saltwater represents 97.5% of the water on Earth and fresh water 2.5%, of which 1.2% is accessible, but its quality is constantly diminishing. Nothing, nothing, is more precious than water and only when we value it will we protect it and play our part in promoting its sharing. Even a single drop of water is full of wonder and mystery. The Bible has 1500 verses on water, making plain that it is a divine gift over which no human being has absolute rights. The abundant uses of water across the great religions include healing, blessing and baptism. But today only 38% of the world's poorest homes have the basic hand washing facilities. This means that three billion people are denied them. Two million deaths occur annually among children due to bad water. Water, which is God's gift to all living things, must be enabled to play its part in maintaining right relations and reconciliation between God, ourselves, our neighbours and creation. While water connects communities it can also inspire fierce conflict. Water must never be understood as just a market commodity; its privatisation would be disastrous for the poor because only profit-making water schemes would be maintained. We must defend the oceans as the common heritage of everyone, and support those who depend on the sea for a livelihood.
(Brian Grogan SJ, The Messenger Magazine)
COUNTRY MUSIC JAMBOREE June 1st, 2nd, 3rd 1974
An Open Air Country Music Jamboree in Adamstown June 1st, 2nd & 3rd 1974 to raise money for Adamstown Community Centre.
Why a Jamboree? - Danny Doyle, Editor of Official Programme:
This Jamboree is being run in the interests of helping the youth of the country, as the profits are going towards developing a Community Centre here in Adamstown. Who knows? - the Stars of tomorrow may be the ambitious young schoolboys of to day, and with our help, may attain their goal. It is the intention of the Committee to provide them with Tennis Courts, Squash Courts, Soccer Pitch, Gaelic Park, Badminton and Table Tennis facilities.
On behalf of the Committee, I wish to thank very sincerely everyone who helped to make a success of this Jamboree: The invaluable assistance received from voluntary workers who helped to put the grounds in order, the Catering committee, Stewards, Programme Sellers, and many others, not forgetting the Bands and Music Artists, without which there would be no Jamboree. Thanking you for your support, and hoping you will enjoy yourself to the highest degree. And may your cry be on leaving Adamstown, not "Why a Jamboree," but "What a Jamboree!
Saturday -
3.00pm - Official Opening of Jamboree '74
Personal appearance of Top Country Stars.
8.00pm - Cabaret in St. Abban's Ballroom - Larry
Cunningham, Jim Tobin etc.,
10.00pm Dance in Ballroom. Music by The Firehouse.
Licensed Bar in Field.
2.30pm - Opening of Sunday Programme, with display by
St. Patrick's Brass Band and Majorettes,
3.00pm - Jo Ann Steel, American Singer
Irish Country & Western Bands.
Ansley Amusements. Refreshment Areas opened.
Larry Gogan D.J. Dance in Ballroom, Music by
Frankie McBride and The Rio Grande.
3.00pm - Personal appearances of Country Singers
Licensed Bar. Carnival Amusements.
8.00pm - Concert in St. Abban's Ballroom. Compere
Brendan O' Reilly.
Closing of Jamboree.
A meeting of the Cemetery Committee will take place in the Cemetery this Thursday 6th August at 8pm and all members are asked to please attend.
Sat 1st Aug - Margaret Kehoe, Sonny Dunne,
Mick & Biddy Kehoe, Oldcourt (A)
Bob Barron, The Leap (A)
Sun 2nd People of the Parish
Sat 8th People of the Parish
Sun 9th People of the Parish.
Pray for Jim Hayden and deceased members of the Hayden family, Brocurra (A)
May they rest in peace.
Feast Day this week - Thursday: The Transfiguration of the Lord.
Universal prayer intention: The Maritime World
We pray for all those who work and live from the sea, among them sailors, fishermen and their families.
Thanks to those who have already returned their Trócaire Box, the amount donated to date is €1,000. If you have a Trócaire box at home, please bring it back this week.
(Conn McNally - Irish Catholic)
The Hagia Sophia is amongst the most famous and enduring
monuments to Eastern Christianity. The present building was constructed in 6th century Constantinople by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. The structure acted as the cathedral for the Patriarch of Constantinople and was dedicated to Holy Wisdom or Hagia Sophia in Greek.
The interior was decorated with splendid Byzantine mosaics depicting Our Blessed Lord and Our Lady as well as saints and Byzantine rulers. Later the Ottomans turned the Hagia Sophia into an imperial mosque for the Ottoman Sultan.
The mosaics were covered over, and Islamic decoration installed. Following World War 1 the Ottoman Empire collapsed and a new Turkish secular republic emerged and in the 1930's Constantinople was renamed Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia was converted to a museum. The mosaics long covered over were once again revealed for the world to see. Later in the 20th century it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site which made the building a neutral space for both Christians and Muslims with both groups being able to visit and see their own culture. Sadly, this arrangement has now being upended by the Turkish courts to turn the building back into a mosque. The Holy Father, Pope Francis has spoken of the 'pain' he feels over the conversion, sentiments which have been echoed by the Patriarch of the Chaldean Catholic Church.
Forgive me for anything I have said,
or thought or done during the day,
that was not good, or that hurt others
or offended you.
Give my body restful sleep
and let whatever good I have done today
be sown for an eternal harvest. Amen.
On Dec 4th 1987 six members of one family were presented with gold pins when Adamstown P.T.A.A. branch held a presentation party. The six members of the Creane family, Glenour were: Mrs Mary Doyle, Mrs Celia Heffernan, Mrs Nell Banville, Mrs Margaret Roche, Mrs Theresa Kennedy and their brother John Creane. Sadly five members of the family have gone to their eternal reward leaving Celia who is now in her mid nineties and resides in a Nursing Home in Campile. We send Celia our warmest good wishes from all in Adamstown Parish for her continued good health.
(The Free Press Newspaper Dec 1987)
Holmestown Waste Management Centre is currently hosting a mattress amnesty, which will continue until
September 18th. Anyone bringing a mattress will only be charged the €2.00 entry fee and will not be charged for disposal - the usual fee for a double mattress is €28.00
The amnesty will operate on week days only. The last mattress amnesty resulted in 2715 mattresses being brought to the facility while the last sofa amnesty yielded 2118 one, two and three-piece suites of furniture.
(The Standard Newspaper 1982)
Adamstown Soccer Team Winners of the 1982 Wexford Championship Division 3. The final game which was played against Orrill United in Adamstown Community Centre Pitch was a close run affair after one of the hardest seasons for Adamstown Football Club. They finally won Division 3 with the only goal of the match coming less than five minutes from the end of the first half with an Eamonn Whelan penalty. Jubilant Adamstown supporters and spectators went wild as Team Captain Aidan Hickey, stepped up to receive the Trophy. The team was: John (Swack) Bradley, Grey Bolger, Peter Whelan, Martin Bradley, Benny McCabe,
Aidan Hickey, Eamonn Whelan, Noel Kehoe, Eamonn Whitty, Tony Bradley, Leo Booth, John McCabe.
Manager - Paddy Foley, Trainer - Liam (Stormer) Booth.
The following year provided a sensational outcome when Adamstown F.C. was rewarded with Division 1 status due to the Wexford League being reorganized. They totally surprised their supporters by winning Division 1.
Praise in others what you would like to have praised in you.
Remember that the two woodpeckers inside the ark were a greater threat than the storm outside.
Don't forget we are all in the same boat - together.
Don't listen to critics; Just get on with what has to be done.
Plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.
A cruciverbalist is one who is addicted to - or obsessed with -crossword puzzles.