August 16th 2020

At a recent meeting of the Adamstown Cemetery Committee, it was overwhelmingly agreed by all members present to appoint a caretaker to supervise the erection of headstones in the Cemetery. And that absolutely NO WORK can commence without contacting the caretaker,
Jimmy Kelly - Contact: Number: 087 0678148 for all queries
In an item in last week's newsletter re: Entertainment in Adamstown, regarding the group from 1890 the incorrect name was given as Denny Doyle, Glanour it should have been Denny Crean, Glanour. Apologies for this error.ow
(Pádraig Byrne -New Ross Standard)
Having been forced to cancel the Annual Pilgrimage to Our Lady's Island in it's traditional format, Pilgrimage Director Fr. Jim Cogley has revealed that the popular prayerful gathering will now go ahead in a virtual capacity. Pilgrims are encouraged to tune in to events that will be live streamed on the Our Lady's Island Facebook page or
The opening Mass of this year's pilgrimage will be celebrated by Bishop Denis Brennan on Saturday, August 15th at 11.00am. The first Sunday after the opening is traditionally the 'Day for the Sick' and masses will be at 8pm on Saturday & 11.00am on Sunday. The focus of these liturgies will be on Healing and they will be conducted by Fr. Jim Cogley. Morning Masses will be at 10.00am followed by Adoration until 12.00 noon and a Holy Hour will be conducted on Tuesdays and Fridays. Different singers and musicians will take part throughout pilgrimage season, with several speakers invited to have an input. Evening Masses will be at 8pm but numbers in the Church will be strictly limited. Many priests who usually lead their parish on pilgrimage will be saying Mass and parishioners can join via social media. For the first week, it will be Ballymore/Mayglass with Fr. Murty Byrne, Blackwater follows on Tuesday with Fr. Brendan Nolan, Cushinstown on Wednesday with Fr. Sean Devereux, Kilmore with Fr.Denis Doyle on Friday and Fr. James Murphy will say the 10.00am Mass on Saturday for Tagoat and Rosslare Strand. Any priests who would like to participate like this should contact Fr. Jim Cogley. Invited speakers for the first week are: Fr. Seamus Whitney, Kiltegan; former Manager of Pieta House, Sally Griffiths: Founder member of Resurrexit Community Jerry Carberry and Lorcan Brennan who will launch his much awaited book, Soul Purpose.
'Church numbers will be necessarily restricted during services' Fr. Cogley said. However, the Church is open each day and everyone who wishes to visit the Island is welcome to come for their own individual pilgrimage at any time. The Gift and Coffee shops are open with social distancing. For more information on the viral pilgrimage, visit the Our Lady's Island Facebook page or
Support group ALONE has launched a national support line and additional measures for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of Covid-19. Via this helpline, professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am - 8.00pm.These hours may be extended to meet demand. Contact number: 0818 222024
Sports Clubs in Wexford can now apply for COVID-19 Club Small Grants of up to €1,500 through Sports Active Wexford.
This COVID-19 Club Small Grant Scheme is part of a series of COVID-19 related funding schemes from Sport Ireland, following the announcement of €70 million in funding by the Government to support the sports sector in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Clubs are advised to contact Sports Active Wexford at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on this scheme.
Applications will be open from 14th August 2020
and must be submitted prior to 5pm on 31st August 2020
Threshing at Delaneys, Tomgarrow in the 1970's
Given to Betty O'Shea by the late Mrs Philomena Delaney.
Tector's Threshing Machine coming to Delaneys was a huge occasion. Men came from near and far to work. Most worked for hearty dinners of Golden Wonders, cabbage and salty bacon, this was followed by Apple Cake, all washed down with tea, or if you choose a few bottles of Guinness.
All children were allowed to depart from school earlier than normal if the sound of the Threshing Machine was heard drifting across the fields. The children played a role in the day by removing the 'chaff' and keeping the workers supplied with copious amounts of tea. The 'chaff' was saved for later use in bed and cot mattresses. The children would later receive a treat of orange or lemonade which was stacked in the Dairy outside, with crates of Guinness and Ale. The sack bags were usually hired from Nunn's of Wexford. It generally took eight men to make a rick of straw, men were drawn from the local community and would stay the previous night at the farmer's house. Some of the men who worked at the threshing were: Bill Bradley, John McCabe, Paddy Myler, Newbawn, Aidan O'Brien, Glenour,
Batty and some of our own children, local farmers - Jim Redmond, Mick Byrne, Philip Furlong, Pat Furlong, Jimmy & Jack Galway, Tony Bradley, Patrick Martin, Ned Furlong, Paddy Moore and many more, some of our own women did the cooking.
GARDNING TIP (Helen Dillon)
When lilies are finished blooming, turn the pot on its side to avoid bulbs becoming too wet and rotting.
Sat 15th - Tom (Tiddler) Byrne. Kellystown (A)
Sat 22nd - Bridie, John, Nicholas, Sr. Eleanor Whelan, Kellystown (A).
Sun 23rd - Padraig and Susan O'Gorman, Kellystown (A)
Pray for Anna Mai Furlong, Castleview, and Ned O'Shea, Adamstown & New Zealand (A)
May they rest in peace.
We remember in our prayers the children and their families and pray the Holy Spirit will bless all of them as they receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday August 22nd. Feast Day of The Queenship of Mary.
Sr. Helen Delaney, M.M.M. Testament on Confirmation.
Sr. Helen wrote the following for the boys and girls of the Confirmation Class on March 9th 2020.
Hello boys and girls, in the Confirmation Class!
Fr. Nolan reminded me that your big day in on Saturday. I pray the weather will be a good deal better than it is here today, please God.
I made my Confirmation in the old school many years ago, - the actual Confirmation was in Newbawn. They Holy Spirit has been with me ever since and helped me to do a lot for the poor people in Africa. Young people like yourselves love to go to school. They often have long distances over very rough roads, and those not able to walk, go on their bums.
Thanks to the generosity of your parents, maybe even yourselves these children now walk like everyone else.
It was wonderful to be able to help so many poor children, they were mostly orphans. I pray the Holy Spirit will be with you on Saturday and all through your life. He is always ready to help if you ask him. Have a great day.
Love and Prayers, Sr. Helen Delaney M.M.M.
(James Osborne - Irish Catholic)
Just 385 general practitioners have signed up to the Government's controversial scheme to carry out abortions despite handsome financial rewards for doing so. This stands against a backdrop of 3,496 GPs currently practicing in Ireland, which makes the percentage of GPs who've signed up to perform abortion in this country 11.01% of the country's total general practitioners. With 48 hospitals in Ireland, the 10 that have signed up to perform terminations represent 20.83% of the country's hospitals. With the Government struggling to increase the number of doctors signed up to perform abortion, monetary incentives have been employed, with GPs receiving in the region of €400 per abortion.
Despite the lack of support the Government is receiving from the medical profession, 2019 saw over 19 abortions per day, totalling out at 6,666 abortions carried out for the year in Ireland. With the 345 abortions performed on Irish women in England and Wales included, the total number of abortions carried out on the unborn came to 7,041.
'Pray for Those Who Persecute You' (Matthew 5:44)
A soldier made it his practice to end each day with a Bible reading and prayer. As the others gathered in the barracks and retired for the night, he'd kneel by his bunk. Some of them saw this and began to mock him. But one night the abuse went beyond words. As he bowed in prayer one soldier threw his boots and hit him in the face. The others jeered, looking for fight, but there was no retaliation. Next morning when the boot-thrower woke up he couldn't believe what he saw. There at the foot of his bed were his boots, polished and returned. Imagine shining the boots that kick you! That calls for a new level of grace. It means deciding what your response will be before the offence comes!. Some of the guys in the barracks were 'leaders', motivated by pride and insensitivity. That's how darkness responds to light. Others were 'followers'; they weren't necessarily bad, just weak and afraid to be different. Why did Jesus pray from the cross, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'? Because He understood that people who have been raised in a particular way, who are driven by certain forces, who wrestle with unresolved issues and fears, who are programmed with an unregenerate mindset, need God. And He saw it as an opportunity to put God on display. This requires more than Sunday-go-to-Mass religion. It calls for a Christ-like, example-setting, love-displaying response that makes others sit up and take notice. (The Word for Today)
The introductory Course to the Bible, which was suspended last March, will now resume on Thurs Aug 27th and Thurs Sept 3rd. Venue: The Chapel, St. Peter's College, Wexford.
Time - 7.00pm. Led by Fr. Jim Finn. Social distancing and mask-wearing will be observed please.
My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.
I love you and I desire to receive you into my soul.
I cannot at this time receive you sacramentally,
Come spiritually into my heart.
I wish to experience your presence and unite myself spiritually with you.
Never permit me to stray far from you. Amen.
GIVE THE FOLLOWING GIFTS (St. Martin's Magazine)
To your enemy - forgiveness
To your opponent - tolerance
To a friend - your heart
To a customer - service
To all men - charity
To every child - a good example
To yourself - respect.
We extend our congratulations and good wishes to Joe & Cáit who celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary.
Wishing them many more years of health and happiness.
A Thought - Gloom and happiness are both contagious.
Which are you spreading?