September 13th 2020

Adamstown National School clothes recycling fundraiser on this Friday 18th September 2020. Collection point is at the hall opposite the National school between 9.00am - 9.30am.
Good condition and reusable clothing, paired shoes, handbags, belts, hats & scarves collected.
NO duvets, cushions, teddy bears or children's toys collected. Thanks in advance for your support.
Flu vaccination will be available from the 3rd week in September 2020. Due to greatly increased demand for flu vaccination this year, it is recommended that people book their vaccination appointment early. Please call Gerry, Nicola or Claire on 053 9240460 to book an appointment or visit for further details or find us on facebook at Adamstown Pharmacy.
Adamstown Community Centre in association with 'A Place to Grow Adamstown' is having a Raffle on Sunday 27th September at 11.00am in the Community Centre.
The tickets cost €5 each or book of 3 for €10. Tickets are currently on sale in the community. 1st Prize €200, 2nd prize €100, 3rd prize €50 and 5 spot prizes.
Adamstown Community Centre is a multi-functional building with adjoining playing fields, GAA pitch, Soccer pitch, Athletic track and Walking track. The volunteer Committee of the Centre is drawn from many different walks of life, bringing with them many attributes, qualities and skills.
The Community Centre is the only community space for people to meet and gather in the parish of Adamstown.
It hosts a variety of different activities, even in its present run-down state. This would indicate that the need for the facility is to be improved. The building is in a central location and is truly a community treasure. It is an asset well worth the time, effort and resources required for its development.
It has been there for the last 40 years this October and continues to be used on a daily basis. Please support this draw for much needed funds for the Community Centre.
"The loneliness of a long distance walker!
Track and Field season finally finishes for Adamstown Athletics. Joe Mooney wins the National U-23 5k walk.
Marie Mooney and her son Joe are now listed in the history books as follows: 'Irish Senior Champions from the same family' Mother & Son - Marie (Walsh) and Joseph Mooney, 5,000 & 10,000 walks.
What great achievements. Well done.
Sending our best wishes to all the students from the Parish who received their Leaving Cert results on Monday last and wishing them every success as they go forward in life.
In Adamstown the forge was run by the Larkin family, going back many years. In a journal, (kindly loaned by Dympna Rochford) the daily records from 1905 - 1911 and
1934,1935 & 1940 show in great detail the many and varied jobs the smith carried out and people he worked for.
In September 1905 4 shoes on a mare cost 2 shillings.
Horses, asses, jennets were all shod, and many other jobs, like repairs to ploughs, fittings for scythes, binding wheels, hooks for the door, pins for the cart, hinges, repairs to the trap of the cart, doors for boilers, crooks, rings, staples, bolts, eyes for the gate, heels for the gate and many other minor jobs. In 1907 Rev R. B. Doyle C.C, must have done a considerable amount of travel by mare, on May 8th fitted 4 shoes on the mare, June 8th 2 shoes, June 24th 2 shoes, July 12th 4 shoes, Aug 21st 4 shoes, Sept 13th 2 shoes, Oct 5th 4 shoes, Oct 18th 2 shoes, Nov 12th 4 shoes, Dec 9th 2 shoes, Dec 18th 2 shoes. What was so interesting from 1905-1911, was the names of people who had work done in the forge, and the family name no longer exists in the parish. Namely - Mrs Roche, Tomgarrow, Mr. Butler, the Leap, Tom O'Neill, Brocurra, James Roche, Kellystown, James Neill, Oldcourt, Jim Keating, Coonogue, Mrs Downes, Adamstown, Denny Connors, Oldcourt, James Connors, Oldcourt, James Keegan, Raheenduff, William Delaney, Raheenduff, Mr. Miguim, The Leap, Tom Kent, Coonogue, Darby Connors, James Morrissey, Doononey, Matt Lambe, Coonogue, Mrs Furlong, The Leap, Mr. King, Tomgarrow, Stephensons, Adamstown, Tom Kehoe, Camross. 1938 - M. Murphy, Knockreigh, James Kehoe, Doononey. John Curtis, the Leap. The Downes family, Adamstown were invaluable customers of the Larkins. From 1934 T. W. Jefferies, Ballyshannon was a very good customer in the forge, and his horses all had names - Stafford, the Yank, the Big Grey, Jennies Pride, the Chestnut, Bobby, Morehaven, the Ballyhogue, the Small Grey, the American. In 1940 the work carried out amounted to £7 19 - 06p.
The work in the forge was hard and physical, and then at the end of the day to write in detail all work carried out and the charges for this must have taken a considerable amount of time and effort. What a wonderful record of times past for a family to have. Many thanks for sharing your history with us.
Footnote: - Fiona O'Connell: Lay of the Land in the Sunday Independent recently.
The forge was usually situated just off the road, and close to a cross roads, and also close to running water. Long ago the smith was highly thought of for many other things - curing skin troubles such as warts, boils and eruptions, by applying forge water. Folk would call to the forge to dip a cut or sprained hand into the trough. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that a smith worked all day long with iron, which was believed to safeguard against forces of evil. He could cut and sear a sore on a horse's back or leg, and the horse stood quietly for him all through the operation. No ordinary man could do things like that.
Sat 12th - Josie & Mick Whelan, Tomgarrow (A)
Phyllis Bernie (nee Whelan) Dublin & Tomgarrow
Sun 13th - Joe Bradley, The Hill (A)
Sat 19th - Aoife, Peter, Tommy & Joey Kelly, Doononey (A)
Sun 20th - People of the Parish
Sun 13th - Kathleen O'Connor.
Sat 19th - Anthony McGee Sun 20th - Callie Doyle
Sat 26th - Liam Whelan Sun 27th - Kay Whelan
Feast Days this Week
Mon 14th - The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
There has always been great devotion in Adamstown to the Holy Cross. Our present Church replaced a Church, which is believed was dedicated to the Holy Cross. St. Abban's Cross has very ancient origins. Some would claim that it is there since the 8th century. Others associate it with the beginning of the Norman Conquest.
"We adore Thee O Christ and we bless thee because of They Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world"
Tues 15th - Our Lady of Sorrows
Thanks to the many people who continually work to keep our Cemetery in such wonderful condition. To the Cemetery Committee for their ongoing work and improvements in the Cemetery. To the Fás workers who keep the grass mowed and the place neat and tidy. A word of thanks to all those, who over the past few weeks have continued a long tradition of lovingly looking after their family and loved ones graves.
Probably for the first time ever, it was not possible to hold our Annual Patron on Sunday last, but our deceased were not forgotten. Thanks to Fr. Nolan for blessing the graves as was normal in other years. May all those buried in our Cemetery, rest in eternal peace.
National Grandparents Pilgrimage 2020 - Broadcast Sun 13th Sept at 3pm from Knock Basilica. We invite grandparents and their families to join us online at
SYMPATHY - Tomás Kelly
Tomás grew up in Doononey, Adamstown. He attended Primary and Secondary school in Adamstown. He loved sport in his school days. When he left school he loved fishing and music. He had two children with his partner Bernie, Zoe and Chesney, which he lived for. Such a lovable person, always loved helping people, loved walking.
He is survived by his parents Martin and Joan, beloved brother Adrian, sister in law Diane, partner Bernie, children Zoe and Chesney, his extended family, relatives, neighbours and friends. Tomás funeral Mass took place on Friday 4th September in St. Abban's Church, with burial afterwards in St. Abban's Cemetery. May he rest in peace.

Extending congratulations and good wishes to Jimmy Roche, Woodview Drive, Adamstown on the occasion of his 92nd birthday. Wishing Jimmy many more years of health and happiness.
REFLECTION FOR WEEKEND 12th & 13th Sept 2020.
The Season of Creation (1st Sept - 4th Oct)
"In the Judaeo-Christian tradition, the word "creation" has a broader meaning than "nature" … Nature is usually seen as a system which can be studied, understood and controlled, whereas creation can only be understood as a gift from the outstretched hand of the Father of all" (LS76)
Water is a symbol of regeneration because it is the drink we constantly need; it cleanses and constantly restores life. It may be abused, rendered unusable and unsafe, polluted and dissipated, but the sheer necessity of it for life, human animal and plant, requires us, in our different capacities as religious leaders, policy-makers, and legislators, economic actors and businessmen, farmers etc, to jointly show responsibility and exercise care for our common home.
"Fresh drinking water is an issue of primary importance, since it is indispensable for human life and for supporting terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems... 2.2 billion, or nearly one out of every three people on the planet, lack access to safely managed drinking water services, (according to a 2019 report from UNICEF and the WWO) Around 3 billion people also lack basic hand washing facilities, a problem that has been sharply felt during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What can we do to play our part? Here are some suggestions. Check if there are any leaking pipes or taps/fixtures in the house and fix it immediately.
Make it a norm that everyone in the family carries their own water bottle when leaving home, Use metal or glass bottles that are reusable and don't need to be disposed.
Choose to purchase energy saving and water efficient devices like washing machines, dishwashers etc.
Avoid using all forms of chemicals for cleaning homes, kitchens, toilets, etc because these chemicals ultimately enter and contaminate the water and soil.
Say no to the use of plastic bags and any single-use plastic objects like plates, cups, spoons, etc because many of these items end up in water bodies and in the oceans.
The urgent challenge to protect our common home includes a concern to bring the whole human family together to seek a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change (Pope Francis)
(Diocesan Pastoral Council)
Lord, forgive me
for anything I have said, or thought, or done
during the day that was not good,
or that hurt others or offended you.
Give my body restful sleep
and let whatever good I have done today
be sown for an eternal harvest.