March 6th

The weekly “30” Card game continues in the Community Centre this Friday 11th of March at 9.00 pm.  Thanks to the ladies for the teas last week.  Catering on the night will be: Mary Kirwan, Cait Bradley and  Josephine Hendrick – Barrack’s Road.  Catering the following Friday 18th of March will be: Ann Booth, Nancy Lambert, Betty O’Shea and Peggy Gethings – Adamstown.  Proceeds will be going to the Parish Funds.

CARD WINNERS – 25/02/2011
Bridie Dillon
Chris Byrne
Jim Wickham
Mick Kehoe
Sean Cullen
Johnny Nolan
Mick Finn
K O’Hanlon
Kathleen Whelan
Ann Lawlor

Winning numbers are – 5, 6, 7 and 9.  There was no Jackpot Winner.  There were four match three numbers winners which were: Maurice Whitty, Barntown, Tommy Buckley, Colaiste Abbain, Liz Murphy, Ballyrue and Gillian O’Neill, Glenour who received €50.00 each.  Next draw is worth €3,100.00.  Winning ticket seller receives €310.00.  Venue and time to be decided.

The Forge Vintage Club ladies charity road run takes place on Sunday 20th of March, registration in Clongeen church car park at 12.00 pm all vehicles welcome regardless of age – tractors, cars and bikes

You are sure to see some colourful characters as men are welcome to take part but must pass as ladies.

There will be a folk group practice on Monday night 7th of March at 7.30 pm in St Abbans Church.  All members please attend.

The Annual General Meeting of the Parish will be held on Friday 11th of March at 8.00 pm.  We would like to have two representatives for each towns land.  Thank you.

Cemetery meeting will take place on Thursday 10th of March in Adamstown Community Centre at 8.00 pm.  All members please attend.


Adamstown Variety Group presented their Show “Topsy Turvy” on 24th and 25th of February.  On behalf of the producer, the cast and the crew, we would like to thank all you who attended on either night making the show a great success.

Ash Wednesday takes place 6th of March Mass at 10.30 am and 7.30 pm.  Ashes will be blessed and distributed after Mass.

Trocaire Box will be distributed during the week.

Daily Mass at 9.30 am (unless otherwise stated).
Adoration from every Monday to every Friday at
7.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

The Prayer Group meets every Sunday in St Abbans Oratory from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm, all are welcome.

Saturday 5th of March Mass at 7.00 pm –
Paddy O’Connor, Newtown (A)
Sunday 6th of March Mass at 10.30 pm –
James Redmond, Tomgarrow (A)
Sunday 6th of March Mass at 10.30 pm – the people of the Parish
Saturday 12th of March Mass at 7.00 pm –
Jack O’Gorman, Kellystown (months mind)
Also pray for John and Anne O’Brien and Mary Eliza Kehoe Cahill (A).  Greg and Annie Bolger, Mistern (A)
May they Rest in Peace.

Saturday 12th of March Vigil Mass at 7.00 pm – Anthony McGee
Sunday 13th of March (1st Sunday of Lent) Mass at
10.30 pm – Catherine Moore


Nellie Rochford RIP
Sincere Sympathy is extended to Paddy Rochford and family from Tomgarrow on the death of his Aunt Nellie Rochford recently.  May she rest in Peace.

Jim Delaney RIP (Coolcotts)
Jim was formerly of Misterin and had lived in Coolcotts for many years with his wife Lily, children – Sean, Seamus and Theresa.  He had been ill for sometime.  He was a very popular member of the community and was a familiar face in Adamstown on the milk tank with a ready smile and his good humour.  His funeral took place in Adamstown on Friday 4th of March.
May he rest in Peace.

Gillian Bradley RIP
Huge members of mourners gathered in St Abbans Church on Monday 28th of February for Gillian’s funeral mass which was celebrated by Fr Robert Nolan.  Gillian was educated at Adamstown National School and then after at Colaiste Abbain.  She then went on study Beauty Therapy in Waterford CTI.  She attained recognition for her work and sales in Sam McCauley’s as a valuable and priceless work colleague.  Gillian was crowned the Queen of Adamstown at the local Historical Festival a number of years ago.  She will be deeply missed by her heartbroken parents Martin, Breda, hers sisters Sharon, Lynn and Chloe, her grandparents Johnny and Bridget, Aunts and Uncles, cousins, many relations, friends and neighbours
May she rest in Peace.


A rainbow in the morning is the sailor’s warning
A rainbow at night is the sailor’s delight
Red clouds in the west at sunset
Foretells fine weather especially
When a tinge of purple may be
seen around the edges of them,
but when they are yellow or copper colour,
rain is approaching nothing is more certain
of coming wet weather than a halo around the moon.
When swallows fly high, fine weather
may be expected, but when they fly low rain is almost certain to be near.  When sea gulls assemble in flocks on the land stormy and rainy weather is near at hand.
When soot falls from the chimney rain is approaching.
Sheep lying down all day and not grazing much
Foretell fine weather, but if they are grazing all day rain may be expected.  A red sun in the morning is an indication of bad weather. 
The different tribes of wading birds always
Migrate before rain.

There were two brothers who were always up
to some mischief.  If somebody had been locked up in his house or if somebody’s dog had been painted green, one always knew who the culprits were – the brothers
One day the boys’ mother asked a priest to talk to her sons and put the fear of God in them so that they would mend their ways.  The priest asked her to send her sons to him one at a time.
When the younger boy, a lad of thirteen, came, he made him sit and asked him;
“Where is God?”
The boy did not answer.
The priest asked again, in aloofer voice:
“Where is God?”
The boy remained silent.  But when the priest asked the same question a third time, the boy jumped up and ran away.
He went straight to his brother
“We are in big trouble!” he gasped.
“What’s wrong?” asked the older boy,
Warily, wondering which of their sins had caught up with them.
“God is missing,” said the youngster,” and they think we have something to do with it!”


Always remember, the hills ahead
Are never as steep as they seem,
So with faith in your heart, start upward
And climb till you reach your dream
For faith is mover of mountains
there’s nothing you cannot achieve.
If you have the courage to try it
And then have the faith to believe.

Helen Steiner Rice


In our busy, never-a-spare-moment
World, we often lose sight of the fact
That the simplest human reactions are
often the most rewarding.

When you pause and smile at someone,
Communication nothing more than your
good feelings towards them, something
powerful takes place within you,
And within them.

Paul Wilson