Sunday August 1st

The weekly “30” Card Game in the Community Centre continues on
 Friday night 6th August @ 9.00pm.  
 There is €220 in prize money each week   
Thanks to the ladies from Newtown for looking after the teas last week.    Catering on the 6th August will be Eileen, Bridget, Ann, & Mary Thorpe. Catering for Friday 13th August will be Ann McDonald, Una McDonald, & Sinead O’ Gorman.
Proceeds going to Parish Funds.

Reminding everyone of the Local Lotto Draw on Monday night 2nd August 2010 The Outhouse. Tickets available from local outlets.

Our Lady’s Island Pilgrimage Season 2010
15th August – 8th September 2010
Sun Aug 15th -  Official Opening of Pilgrimage – Mass 3.00 pm followed by procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament
Sat Aug 21st - Ferns Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage Mass 7.00pm
Sun Aug 22nd  Mass &  General anointing of the sick 3.00pm
Thur Aug 26th  A time to heal 8.00pm
Fri Aug 27th Legion of Mary Pilgrimage, Procession 7.00pm Mass at 8.00pm
Sat. Aug. 28th Gathering of families of The Missing Mass 3.00pm.
Sun Aug 29th Pro Life Pilgrimage Mass 3.00pm.
Sun Sept 5th Pioneers Pilgrimage, Mass 3.00pm, followed by Procession
Wed Sept 8th Closing Ceremony 7.00pm Mass& Torchlight Procession.

On Sat Aug 7th & Sun Aug 8th in aid of HCPT Your Generosity would be much appreciated.

June  6th    €329
June 13th   €160
June 20th    €693
June  27th   €313
Many thanks to our subscribers

Fr John Walsh begged his young listeners to remember they were not “indestructible at the age of 22:”You are very fragile. All of us are…When I was your age I too felt indestructible. But none of us is…”So please, please live life on its terms, within its rules and boundaries; otherwise life will be cruel and merciless towards you and towards the family and friends who will have to bear you to the grave,” he said.
Loving God, thank you for your most precious gift of life. Send your blessing on all who use the roads today, whether driving, cycling or walking, that we may be kept safe from harm. Give all road users a sense of responsibility towards others: That we may at all times show care, courtesy and consideration for others. Bless, also, those who are called upon to deal with the aftermath of accidents, Gardai and priests, fire brigade and paramedics, that they may have the strength to cope. Be with the relatives and friends of all victims of road accidents; comfort and strengthen them to face the future. Guide me that I may always be attentive, drive with care and be open to the unexpected. Keep me, and all those I love, safe in all our journeying. Amen.


Sun 1st   Aug- Catherine Moore
Sat 7th   Aug   - Liam Whelan
Sun 8th   Aug -   Alma Gorman
Sat 14th Aug -   Ellie Walsh
Sun 15th Aug  Geraldine Ridgeway.

More people are leaving Ireland than anywhere else in the European Union, new research shows. Although Ireland has the EU’s highest birth rate and lowest death rate, people are abandoning the country in droves as work dries up. Figures compiled by Eurostat, the EU Commission’s statistical arm, show Ireland is markedly different from other countries in terms of population growth and outward migration. Overall, the population of 27 EU countries is estimated to have grown to 501.1million at the start of 2010 from 499.7million in 2009. A baby boom in Ireland which began in 2008, has brought the birth rate to levels not seen since the 1890s but the departure of some 40,000people last year points to the return of mass emigration. Eurostat says the net outflow from Ireland was nine people per thousand in 2009, reflecting a huge reversal from the heyday of the boom 2000 when the net population inflow of 8.4 per thousand was second only to Spain. The rate of departures from Ireland last year was almost twice as high as the country with the second highest exit rate. Lithuania, which lost 4.6 people per thousand.
On Aug 3rd 1960 Phil Jackman & Mary Breen were married in St Laurence’s Church Glynn. The late Edmond Creane was best man, bridesmaid was Bridget Breen. Family & friends gathered in Raheenduff on Sat July 24th to toast the jubilarians .In a marquee provided for the occasion Mass was celebrated by Fr Robert Nolan followed later by an enjoyable reception hosted by the family .Their many friend & neighbours joined in wishing them many more years of health & happiness

Adamstown and Raheen Prayer group meets in St Abbans Oratory Sundays 7-8 pm. Reflecting on the Gospel, discussion / intercessions, rosary, prayer for healing, Blessing with the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Monday- Friday From 7-8 Come let us adore him.

Adamstown Community Centre is very grateful for the gift of 27 tables & 50 chairs from Coláiste Abbain through the good offices of Mr. Senan lillis, Principal.  These tables and chairs will prove very beneficial for catering on special occasions.

Wexford under 15 soccer team will travel to Galway on Tuesday to play in the Umbro Cup Tournament. The panel includes locals Stephen Gorman, Daniel Thorpe, Paudie Barden & James Buckley.  Also on the original panel was Dylan Carthy Walsh but injury has forced him to bow out.  The tournament continues until Saturday. Many international teams will compete in the competition and we wish the Wexford Players every success.
Sat July 31st Michael Delaney Misterin (A)
Sun Aug 1st Walter & Annie Kent Adamstown(A)
Wed Aug 4th Patrick & Margaret Kiely Glenour (A)
Sat Aug 7th Jim Hayden Brocurra (A)
Sun Aug 8th Margaret Kavanagh Newtown (A)
First Friday Aug 6th Mass @ 8pm Bob Barron The Leap (A)
First Saturday Aug 7th Mass @ 9:30am Jimmy Purcell Months Mind
Visitation of the sick Friday & Saturday

Many years ago a very unhappy and middle aged man visited his doctor.” Doctor” he said,” I’m suffering from a hopeless disease. I am depressed by life. I can’t find happiness anywhere. Nothing amuses me anymore. I see no joy in life. I have nothing to life for .Doctor if you can’t help me   I will kill myself.” The doctor thought for a moment and then said “   The sickness won’t kill you.  You need a change of pace. You need to laugh, and get some pleasure” “What shall I do? Said the man I’ll tell you what will make you laugh” said the doctor go to the circus tonight to see Grimaldi, the clown Grimaldi is the funniest man alive. I saw him a couple of nights ago and I am still laughing. Go and see him. He will cure you. He will make you laugh again. There was silence for a second and then the sad face man said “Doctor I am Grimaldi”


Fairing in the old days meant a present brought from a fair. In my grandmother’s time it also meant a present given at a fair to one’s sweetheart; and by transference it meant a complimentary gift of any kind. The fairs in question were called “patterns”, festivals commemorating the feast-day of a saint, a patron day if you will.
In the case of my hometown, the fair was held upstream on the river Barrow, in the beautiful village of St Mullins, up to about 1830 the scene of high jinks of all kinds, culminating in a famous faction fight between the men of St Mullins and the men from Brogue Lane in New Ross. According to my granny there was no animosity between the two groups; indeed the opposite was the case.
Interestingly, gingerbread was the culinary treat given by the wives and girlfriends of the St Mullins women to their counterparts from New Ross in the old days. The gingerbread and accompanying drink was doled out in the moat surrounding the old Norman fortification known as Clais an Phota the trench of the pot.
This lovely old word, now in danger of death if not already gone is from English fair, from Old French feire, from Latin feria, holiday. The pretty Irish féirín, a gift, is from the same source.
Diarmaid Ó Muirithe
Patron St Abbans Cemetery Sunday September 5th @ 1:30pm