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July 4th, 2021

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th July 2021.  

Volume 22. Number 25.


Recently to celebrate the opening of outdoor dining, a group of Adamstown ICA ladies decided to meet up for lunch.

The venue was Collyer’s Diner on the Barrack’s Rd in Adamstown. They were greeted by the proprietor Anita and having donned masks and sanitised hands were escorted to their tables in the outdoor dining area.

Everyone was so excited to meet up and after selecting their lunch choice from a wide and varied menu the chatter flowed. The food was served by two lovely young ladies, Lauren & Katelyn, who left no stone unturned to make the occasion enjoyable. Many thanks to Helen for organizing everything and to Anita for providing such a service and right on our doorstep, and its always good to support local.


Wishing all the 6th class boys and girls who have now finished their Primary education and are setting out on the next stage in their lives, every good wish and blessing for their future. Finishing up after a very difficult year we can only hope that their entry into Secondary education will be a little easier for the students. 

The Graduation Class of: Cathal, Áine, Kieran, Hannah, Callum, Myia, Paddy, Nicole, Alex, Katelyn, Hayden, Sínead, Dan, Millie, Riain, Maeve, James, Emma, Bobby, Eva, Luke, Amelia and Shóna took part in a beautiful Ceremony in St. Abban’s Church before finishing in their last days in St. Abban’s National School.

Always remember;   ‘Your teacher can open the door.

(Chinese Proverb)     But you must enter by yourself’


Adamstown National School had a fantastic fun filled week for Active Week on 14th – 18th June. The week started with some GAA with James and Rugby with Nicky. Every day we had a whole school challenge where the children were competing to win points for their teams. Challenges included the plank challenge, wall sit, skipping and balance challenge. We had a record breaking 9 minutes and 15 seconds during the plank challenge by Eoin English and Dylan Egan in 2nd class. Well done boys.

Other activities during the week included rounders (taught by 6th class), laps and lunch in the pitch and dance (taught by Ava, Emma, Louise and Megan 5th class). The week ended with an action packed Sports Day on Friday. The morning consisted of active stations where the children took part in lots of fun challenges and activities such as penalty shoot out, gutter ball, obstacle courses and welly throwing. After break we had our class races. The sun was shining and everyone had great fun. To finish the day we were lucky enough to have an ice-cream van come to school. This was kindly funded by the Parents’ Association. We all say a big thank you to them. The winning team on the day was the yellow team but we were very impressed with all the effort and participation of all teams. We can’t wait for Active Week next year already.


After a Covid forced hiatus of 16 months and following

a meeting of all clubs involved in the Adamstown Lotto, it was decided to resume the Lotto with the first draw on Friday 6th August. Tickets can be collected in Cullen’s Gala shop next week, who we are indebted to for the crucial role they play in ticket collection and distribution. The next draw for a Jackpot of €9,600 will be on Facebook live.

All tickets to be returned by 8pm on the night of the draw. Thanks to all who have supported our local lotto over the past 26 years and we look forward to your continued support.

The first ever Adamstown Lotto draw took place on 7th February 1995 for a Jackpot of £500, there was no Jackpot winner and 9 match three players, the first Jackpot of £900 was won by David Murphy, The Rower on 4th April 1995 our 3rd draw. Adamstown Lotto is among one of the longest running Lotto draws in the county and has given much needed funds to clubs & organizations over the past 26 years.


We send our congratulations to local man Pat Barden who

has been unanimously elected Chairperson of New Ross Municipal District. Pat who topped the poll in the 2019 local elections, was congratulated by all his fellow councillors at the online Council AGM on Friday 25th June. In thanking his fellow councillors for electing him, Pat said it was a great honour for him and his family and his Parish of Adamstown.

Pat will share the role of chairperson with Fine Gael Cllr. Bridin Murphy, who, by agreement will assume the role halfway through the council calendar year in December.

We send our congratulations also to Garry Laffan who is the new Mayor of Wexford. Garry who is a past student of Coláiste Abbáin thanked his fellow members for this honour.

Well done Garry from the Community of Adamstown.


Congratulations to Joe Mooney who came 2nd in the National Senior 10k Walk Race recently and continued success Joe.


Our ECCE Session from 9.30am – 12.30pm is fully booked at the moment, however we do have a waiting list in place in case of any changes. We have space in our after-school session from 2pm – 5pm if any one is interested in this please call or text Olga on 089 4371398 or go to our Facebook page.  (Olga, Tara and Ellen)


Thanks to the ladies from Adamstown for looking after the Church & Altars for the month of June, it is now the turn of parishioners from Ballyvergin/Glenour for the month of July



Sat 3rd – Robert Barron (Junior) the Leap (A)

Sun 4th – Joe Bradley, Glenour (A)

Sat 10th – Eamonn & Martin Furlong, Greenview (A)

Tues 7.30pm – Diza McCabe, Ballyvergin (A)

May they rest in peace.

Feast Days this week:

Tuesday 6th – St. Maria Goretti

Thursday 8th – St. Kilian


Dear friends of St. Abbans,

‘It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness’.

On Friday March 14th 2020, ‘a darkness came over the land’

reminiscent of Good Friday, when Jesus Christ, the light of the world, was extinguished on the Hill of Calvary.

Over the many months that Public Masses were cancelled, the Church of St. Abban was illuminated by the numerous candles on the shrines which comforted the many people living in darkness and the shadow of death.

We are thankful to all who came for a quiet prayer and share their light. We are also thankful to those who contributed faithfully to the weekly envelope collection to keep the church doors open and to pay our bills. Thank you for your great loyalty. I also wish to thank all the parishioners who have returned to Mass since the lockdown has lifted, seeing you there in the Church at weekend or morning Mass has been a very welcome sight.

Again this year, in grateful anticipation of your generosity, I enclose the weekly envelope box for 2021/2022. Included in the box you will find Dues envelopes for the various times of the year. I conclude with the words of our Lord Jesus

“Do not be afraid for I am with you always”

Yours sincerely, Fr. Robert Nolan.


As the sun sets may it set on all forms of division of our people.

May it set on all forms of violence.

May it set on harsh words and deeds.

As the sun rises tomorrow may it rise on a day of hope,

possibility, peace and friendship.

May I end this day in peace with all and bring peace wherever I go tomorrow.

We are one people.  Amen.

(Messenger Magazine)


We offer our deepest sympathy to our Parish Priest,

Fr. Robert Nolan on the sad death of his sister, Betty McGrath on Thursday night last in Wexford Hospital following a brief illness.  Our sympathy also to her brothers Patrick, John and Michael, extended family, neighbours and friends.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.


‘Perfectly imperfect Parenting’

As we come to the end of our school year, the school report cards have been prepared. It is wonderful if a child received good academic grades.

But let’s remind ourselves that our children are so much more than numbers on a page.

Let’s remind ourselves that our children’s future happiness and their future mental health depend on so much more than their academic success.

Let’s remind ourselves, they are enough just as they are, grades do not reflect their kindness, their empathy, the values they carry in their heart.

Let’s put away the report cards and allow them a summer to explore, to daydream, to grow and to play.

This will help them to reach their full potential.


The clover sweetness is so profuse in a Kerry flowering meadow in an image sent by a reader, not all farmers have abandoned clover seeding in grassland and urban gardeners are seeing its benefits after being encouraged to sow the red and white flowering bounty of Trifolium pratense. It flowers continuously in summer; the blooms are

full of nectar and pollen for bumble bees with long tongues.

Honeybees also get a look-in.

The folklorist-author Niall Mac Coitir says it would be a great pity to forget that the young clover “seamair óg” is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune and the ancient emblem of

Ireland’s rich green pastures. An English gardening writer, Alys Fowler, has described red clover as being good-hearted, full of value, “an amazing medicine”, a tough perennial that is excellent green manure and a friend to beneficial insects. As an evergreen, it photosynthesises constantly – which means filling its deep roots with nutrients that in summer help bind the soil, aiding moisture retention and in winter preventing erosion. Clover’s most valuable asset is as a pastureland plant because those roots can fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, thus enriching it. It was once sown in quantity with grass seed by farmers but became sidetracked by ever-evolving agricultural trends about which new product will produce more, and still more, of whatever crop is currently being promoted. Urban gardeners are using clover as a traditional green manure, sown in blocks. It is good on paths, tolerant of foot traffic and unlike plain grass, will feed on soil underneath. The flower heads are rich in minerals and may be used in herbal medicine to balance hormones and treat skin conditions.

In folklore it was recorded as a cure for coughs in Kerry, Clare and Wicklow and liver ailments in Cavan, while in Offaly bee stings were treated with leaves, which could also be made into a tea.

(Country Matters – Joe Kennedy: Sunday Independent)


Universal intention – Social friendship

We pray that, in social, economic and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship.  

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