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August 8th, 2021

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Saturday 7th & Sun 8th August 2021   

Volume 22.  Number 30



Congratulations to the Adamstown Youths on winning the Wexford Football Summer League Youth Division 2 title by defeating New Ross Town on penalties in Campile on Saturday 31st July. A great game against a good New Ross Town side.  With nothing to separate the teams at the end of extra time at 1 – 1 each, so it was down to penalties to end the 110 minutes of a hard battle. All 11 players on both teams ended up taking a penalty and after Adamstown goalkeeper Cian Walsh scored their 11th, Ross Town missed theirs to give the win to Adamstown and captain Paddy Doyle was only too happy to get his hands on the League Trophy. A great performance from all players and well done to the lads and their managers Daryl and Lee.

The team was; Cian Walsh, Shane Roche, James Kelly, Jack Kelly, Josh Buckley, Oscar MacGabhann, Mattie O’Neill, Paddy Doyle, Philip Kearns, Tadgh McDonald, Dean Kehoe, Subs: Levente Barbola, Scott Leigh, Kevin O’Reilly.

ADAMSTOWN GAA CLUB – Become a Referee!

The number of referees in Co. Wexford is dropping from 81 – 49 which is making it extremely difficult to allocate officials for games (particularly under age). Asking the entire GAA community to consider putting themselves forward to train as a referee (young or old, male or female) as without trained officials the number of games scheduled in the future may need to be reduced. Plenty of us feel we can referee from the sideline or the stand BUT are we prepared to do so?

If interested contact Syl Doyle at 087 2449171 or

Seamus Whelan at 087 6616072 for more information.


We have been on the lookout for a while for a  ‘new to us’ Boxing Ring for our new home and we are delighted to let everyone know that we have not only acquired a new Boxing Ring, but that it is the same Boxing Ring that Steve Collins and Chris Eubank competed in Páirc Uí Chaoimh, Cork in 1995.


‘Anti-Dumping Initiative: Mattress Amnesty 2021’

Have you an old mattress to be recycled? Wexford Co. Council will accept mattresses for recycling from households only, no commercial premises, at their Household Recycling Centres on specified dates as follows:

Holmestown, Wexford – Tues 17th August – Fri 20th August.

New Ross Household Recycling Centre – Tues 24th August – Friday 27th August.

Enniscorthy Household Recycling Centre – Tues 7th Sept – Friday 10th September.

Opening hours of the 3 centres are 8.00am – 12.00 noon,

1.00pm – 4.00pm Tuesday to Friday.

For further information contact The Environmental Section, Wexford Co. Council on 053 – 9196000 or customer service at

THE SWALLOW  –Hirundo rustica

Calvin Jones (Ireland’s Own)

Nothing heralds the approach of summer in quite the same way as the return of the swallow. These symbolic birds arrive to our skies from early April onwards, their characteristic silhouette and acrobatic flight instantly recognisable. Swallows have long, pointed wings and a deeply forked tail. The back is covered in dark-blue feathers, which have a lustrous, almost metallic sheen. Underneath, the swallow is mostly off-white, with a dark-blue collar and a deep red face. This is a relatively small bird, with adults reaching a total length, including the long tail streamers, of between 17 and 21 centimetres. (6.7 and 8.3 inches)

Unlike its near relative the house martin, swallows tend to nest inside buildings, showing a preference for farm sheds, barns and outbuildings. Adults can negotiate astonishingly narrow openings to gain access to suitable nesting sites. The nest is an open cup constructed of a cement made from mud mixed with birds’ saliva and grass. It is built on a ledge or cemented to a beam and lined with feathers and hair.

The female lays 4-6 white eggs with reddish spots in the nest and incubates them for 14-16 days, during which time the male keeps her supplied with food. Once the young have hatched the female continues to brood them for the first week or so until they can maintain their own body temperature. The young fledge some 17 – 24 days after hatching, but continue to rely on their parents for food while they master the art of feeding on the wing. Swallows typically rear two, and occasionally three broods in a single season. Few predators are agile enough to catch a swallow on the wing, although the occasional bird may be taken unawares by a lucky sparrow hawk. But by far the biggest dangers faced by any swallow are starvation and exhaustion on the long migration to and from their wintering grounds in sub-Saharan Africa. During September large numbers of swallows flock together in readiness for their lengthy trip. They can often be seen perched on the telephone lines at this time of year, with some adults still feeding fledglings from their last brood. The swallow’s journey is a remarkable one. They leave Ireland and, covering about 200 miles per day, travel through western France, across the Pyrenees, down through eastern Spain and into Morocco. Once there they face the most daunting leg of the journey, the barren expanse of the Sahara desert. Many swallows falter on this crossing, but those that make it will spend the winter in various locations across sub-Saharan Africa. Wintering swallows feed in small flocks by day and gather in large communal roosts by night. In late February swallows begin the arduous journey back to their nesting sites in northern Europe. Ringing experiments have shown that pairs often return to the same nesting site as the previous year and will even use the same nest, but the chances of both adults surviving the ordeal of their long migration is only about one in five.



Sat 7th – Bob Barron, The Leap (A)

Sun 8th – People of the Parish

Sat 14th – Tom (Tiddler) Byrne, Kellystown (A)

May they rest in peace.

Feast Days this week:

Mon 9th -St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

Born in 1891 at Breslau (now Wroclaw), Poland, the youngest of seven children of a Jewish family. A brilliant student, she gained her doctorate in philosophy at twenty-five. Became a Catholic in 1922 and a Carmelite nun. Both Jewish and Catholic, she fled to Holland when the Nazis came to power but she was captured and sent to Auschwitz where she died in the gas chamber on 9th August 1942.

Saturday 14th – St. Maximilian Kolbe (1894-1941)

A Franciscan who worked in the apostolate of the press in Poland and Japan, and died in Auschwitz.

Sunday 15th August – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.



(Bishop’s House, Wexford)

The Diocese of Ferns recognises the very important place that the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation hold in the lives of our young people, their families, teachers and parishes. The diocese wishes to assist parishes as they discern their current state of preparedness for safe celebration, as public discussion continues. Priests are asked to recommence the conversation with those involved – most especially with parents and teachers – with a view to deciding what is best in terms of safety, unity and over all well being.

Where a church community is of the view that it wishes to proceed, the priest is asked to forward a request – with an agreed and demonstrably COVID safe plan – to Bishop’s House for consideration. Parishes are asked to proceed in a well-considered manner and to continue to avoid risk or division. Unity and safety within a parish are vital in this matter – as is a recognition of the articulated anxiety among some – of an apparent relegation of religious practice and worship, within official overall political decision making, as communicated to date. The diocese wishes to place on record its genuine appreciation to all within parishes – volunteers at churches, school staff and principals, the worshipping community generally and its faith leaders  for the monumental work they have undertaken to date, the guidance they have given and the standard of leadership they daily give – cross generationally – throughout the diocese. The diocese also records afresh its gratitude and admiration to all who have worked so diligently and courageously at the front line since the beginning of the pandemic.


Intention for evangelisation -the Church

Let us pray for the Church, that she may receive from the

Holy Spirit the grace and strength to reform herself in the light of the Gospel.


We extend our deepest condolence to the following:

To Dr. Catherine O’Donohoe and family on the death of her brother Peter O’Donohoe, Knockbrack, Gorey on Thursday 29th July. A private family funeral Mass was celebrated in St. Patrick’s Parish Church, Monaseed on Sunday 1st Aug with burial in the adjoining cemetery.  May he rest in peace.

To Rita Power and family, the Leap on the death of her brother in law James ‘Jim’ Power, Coolamain, Oylegate on Friday 30th July. A private family funeral took place on Wednesday last. May he rest in peace.

To Margaret and Martin Chambers, Woodview Drive and family on the death of Margaret’s mother, Mrs Margaret (Peggy) Flynn, Kilbraney, Gusserane in her 96th year on Saturday 31st July. A private family funeral Mass was celebrated in the Church of St. John the Baptist, Gusserane on Monday 2nd August with burial in the adjoining cemetery.

May she rest in peace.


Restrictions in place due to Covid

Opening 15th August – 3pm in Church

Closing 8th September – 3pm in Church.

Daily Masses at 3.00pm and 8.00pm

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 4pm – 5pm

Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Many musicians and speakers have been invited to take part throughout.

Small parish groups welcome: Booking on 087-6464198

Transmission via web-cam and 106FM

Coffee Shop and Gift Shop open daily.

Pilgrims welcome to come to Church and Island.

THE BREAD OF LIFE – Seasons of the Word

(Author unknown)

Be gentle, when you touch bread.

Let it not lie uncared for – unwanted.

So often bread is taken for granted.

There is much beauty in bread –

Beauty of sun and soil,

Beauty of patient toil,

Winds and rain have caressed it,

Christ often blessed it.

Be gentle, when you touch bread.


A good life is when you assume nothing,

Do more, need less, smile often,

Dream big, laugh a lot and realise how blessed you are.


Our first draw in over a year took place on Friday night 6th August the winning numbers were: 4 – 12 – 16 – 20

There was no Jackpot winner, the following 5 players matched three numbers and each got €40.00

John O’Brien, Ballyvergin; Tony & Bernie Hennessey, C/O Cáit  Bradley; Tom Stafford, Adamstown; Avril Phelan, The Leap & Michael Lee, The Boola.

The  next draw is on Friday 20th August for a Jackpot of €9,800. A sincere thanks for your continued support.

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