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September 26th, 2021

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 25th & Sun 26th September 2021
Volume 22. Number 36

The Cemetery Committee would like to thank those who gave donations for the up-keep of the cemetery in recent weeks the total amount came to €280.00

The next draw in the Adamstown Lotto takes place this Friday 1st October in the Community Centre for a Jackpot of €10,400. Please leave books back in Cullen’s Gala by 8pm on Friday night. Do keep on buying the ticket and in doing so you are helping the Parochial Committee, GAA & Soccer Clubs.

A talk entitled Parenting Today 2021: Back to School Anxiety: Supporting your child or teenager as they return to school, presented by Dr Malie Coyne, is now available online on all Wexford County Council Public Library Services Facebook pages and the Wexford Libraries YouTube channel. Dr. Malie Coyne is a best-seller author, clinical psychologist, lecturer at NUI Galway and infant mental health advocate. In this online talk, Dr. Coyne will speak about the anxiety children face in returning to school and share her SAFE compassionate approach from her critically acclaimed book ‘Love in, Love Out: A compassionate approach to parenting your anxious child.

Over 3,900 farmers throughout Wexford can now map their farms for free in a matter of minutes, thanks to a new service launched by Herdwatch, the leading farm management software. Farm Maps is a simple way for farmers to create maps of their farms using satellite imagery directly on their phone. Land size is automatically calculated, providing farmers with the area of their field in hectares and acres as they create the map. Herdwatch also says that this mapping service will facilitate the use of more advanced features they are currently developing, including environmental tools which will provide precision soil health solutions as well as details around fertiliser usage and carbon management. The Herdwatch app can be downloaded for free at
(New Ross Standard)

A BIT OF HISTORY – 10 Thousand Thanks
(Taken from the Parish Newsletter Sept 2015)

Nearly two thousand people attended the 4th Annual Ploughing Day at Raheenduff on Sunday 18th September.
The event was an outstanding success, thanks to the hard work of the local men and women. The site for the ploughing and the threshing was ideal, thanks to landowners Phil Jackman and John Kehoe (Chapel).

The easy access and exit for all vehicles, was also a huge factor for the smooth running of the event. Great credit and thanks is also due to the organizing committee on their efficient management of the day. A big ‘Thanks’ to the many sponsors who gave so generously to the day’s events, thanks also to those who donated anonymously. A special thanks to Tom & Ann Jackman who made their home available for the preparation of food and catering over the couple of days.
There was a very high standard in the Vintage Ploughing with almost 40 competitors taking part. The results were:
Two furrow Lift Plough – 1st Michael Shanahan, 2nd Jim Byrne, 3rd Liam Hamilton. Two furrow trailer plough – 1st Phil Jackman, 2nd Willie Murphy, 3rd John Whelan. Single Furrow Lift Plough – 1st Pat Murphy. Horse Plough – Mogue Curtis. Youngest Ploughman – John Whelan. Beginners Class – Nick Wickham and Jimmy Doyle. The Judges were:
Michael Keating, Dick Byrne & Robbie O’Connor.
Thanks to all the competitors from all over the South East and also to the Judges. All involved in the ploughing were treated to a superb meal by the local ladies, who were very busy right through the afternoon, making and serving delicious food for a very nominal price. The highlight of the afternoon for many was the Steam Threshing, courtesy of Rochfords of Cleariestown. Thanks also to Leo Tector and Colin Dier for bringing their Threshing Sets along and threshed side-by-side with the steam. The various games, stall, side-shows all added to the excitement, particularly with the younger folk. Winners included: ICA Hampers –
1st – John Cummins, 2nd Tom Wickham, 3rd Martin Dunne, 4th Dawn Furlong. Sinead’s Vanity Hamper – Kathleen O’Connor. Dog Show winners: Catherine Murphy, Rosie O’Rourke, Triona Thorpe, Maisie Colfer, Ann Buckley, Yvonne Gibson, Sean Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Banville, Vanessa Davey, Laura Lee, Bridie Wollohan, Audrey O’Neill, Joe Byrne, Marie Waters, Yvonne Hanley, Emma Murphy, Hannah Sunderland, Shane Carty, Sinead O’Neill, Barty Kennedy, Joe Kelly & Sarah Berry. Champion of the Show small was Catherine Murphy, 2nd Marie Waters.
Champion of the Show big, Audrey McGrath 2nd Rosie O’Rourke. A big thanks to Kathleen, the sponsors, organizers and judges for looking after the Dog Show.
A very successful day ended with a Threshing Cabaret in Cullen’s Lounge, the pub was packed to capacity with excellent music and song provided by Michael O’Brien & friends. The committee met on the 22nd Sept, chairman John Power thanked everyone for their support & help, the final figure announced by joint treasurers Patrick O’Gorman & Dave Power & with donations still coming in, will be in excess of €10,000 – ten thousand thanks to all.
A community can achieve great things when everyone puts their shoulders to the wheel.

Sat 25th – John & Kate Power, The Leap (A)
Sun 26th – Bridie Wakeman, Newcastle & Raheenduff
James Power, Raheenduff (A)
Sat 2nd Oct – Matt O’Neill, Forestwood (A)
Sun 3rd – Mai Furlong, Misterin (A)
Sat 2nd Mass at 9.30am – Josephine Phelan, Waterford (A)
Pray for:
Peter Thorpe (Sen) & Peter Thorpe (Jun) Newtown (A)
May they rest in peace.

First Friday Mass at 9.30am
First Saturday Mass at 9.30am
Visitation of the sick and housebound will take place on Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd October.

Feast Days this week:
Mon 27th – St. Vincent de Paul 1580-1660
Founded the Congregation of the Mission (the Vincentians) and the Daughters of Charity (1633), the first sisters to work outside their convents in active service. He is patron of all charitable works.
Friday 1st Oct – St. Thérése of Lisieux.
She was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope John 11 in 1997. Patron of missions, florists, aviators and France.
Sat 2nd Oct – The Guardian Angels.
We venerate the Guardian Angels, seeking their constant protection.

St. Vincent de Paul
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an international
Voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833 for the sanctification of its members by personal service of the poor. Founder: Frédéric Ozanam on 23rd April 1833 in Paris, France. Today the organization operates in 153 countries and has over 800,000,000 members worldwide. It has a presence on every continent in the world with the exception of Antactia. . In Ireland it is the largest voluntary charitable organization and has a membership of 11,000 volunteers throughout the country. Donations taken up in our Parish each year go to the New Ross branch.

World Day of Prayer for Migrants – Sun 26th September.
Pope Frances offers a message for World Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees 2021 that emphasises a movement towards an ‘ever wider we’
We are called to work together, so that there will be no more walls that separate us, no longer others, but only a single ‘we’, encompassing all of humanity each in the midst of his or her own community, to make the Church become ever more inclusive as we carry out the mission entrusted to the Apostles by Jesus Christ: ‘As you go, proclaim the good news, The kingdom of heaven has come near,’ Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment: give without payment’.
(Mt 10:7-8)

Prayer for Migrants and Refugees.
Holy, beloved Father, your Son Jesus taught us
that there is great rejoicing in heaven whenever someone lost is found.
Whenever someone excluded, rejected or discarded
is gathered into our ‘we’ which thus becomes ever wider.
We ask you to grant the followers of Jesus,
and all people of good will, the grace to do your will on earth.
Bless each act of welcome and outreach, that draws those in exile into the ‘we’ of community and of the Church
so that our earth may truly become what you yourself created it to be: the common home of all our brothers and sisters. Amen. (Messenger Magazine, October)

“Anyone can get old, all you have to do is live long enough” said Groucho Marx, the quick-witted American comedian.
Your entitlement to an Irish bus pass at the age of 66 does not necessarily mean that you are old. With 70 now the new 50 when exactly does old age begin? In Ireland during the Fifties, people of 55 were considered old but today with better medical care and sound nutritional advice, many older people are taking up new hobbies; getting married; studying for a degree and travelling the world. Whereas the body will age to a certain degree over time, the same is not true of the mind. Mental performance remains roughly the same throughout one’s lifetime but recall can slow down a little,
forgetting small details as you grow older is perfectly normal Life expectancy has risen dramatically in the last 50 years and in the developed world it is currently 80+ for both male and females. Although women usually outlive men by 6 years, many pensioners of both sexes today will celebrate their 100th birthday. During the Roman Empire the average life span of adults was 22 years; in medieval times 33, and by the 1900’s it had increased to between 36 and 55 years. People who live long healthy lives are not remarkable; they are just normal people who think positive thoughts and who are open to what life has to offer. Complaining about your ailments will make you old before your time. Senior citizens are not children to be talked down to but intelligent human beings who have contributed a great deal to society by working and raising families. In Asian countries older people are valued for their knowledge and wisdom. Their advice is regularly sought by the younger generation. A healthy diet, plenty of exercise, limited alcohol consumption and no smoking combined with a positive attitude will go along way towards keeping your body fit and healthy for longer. Keeping your mind active is easier: read a book, complete a crossword puzzle, don’t spend all your time sitting in front of the television set. According to a recent survey in the Daily Express old age begins at 85, but age is not a number, it is an attitude of mind. (Helen Morgan – St. Martin’s Magazine)

16th Sept 1620 the Pilgrim ship, The Mayflower, departed from England, bound for America. Today, it is estimated that some thirty million people can trace their ancestors back to the 102 passengers and thirty crew members aboard that ship that landed in the New World after sixty-six days at sea.

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