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27th March, 2022

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 26th & Sun 27th March 2022   

Volume 23.   Number 13


The winning numbers in the Adamstown Lotto Draw on Monday 21st March were: 1 – 11 – 18 – 30. There was no Jackpot winner, including online. There was one match three player who won €200 – Gillian O’Neill, Glenour.

The next draw in on Monday 4th April in the Community Centre for a Jackpot of €12,800.  It will be won and it could be you, buy a ticket and give yourself a chance.


The Pat Byrne Memorial Road Run will take place in Adamstown on Sunday 3rd April starting at 1.00 o’clock, with registration of vehicles from 11.30am. The run will start in Adamstown and pass through the following towns lands: The Leap, Chapel, Tomfarney, Ballagh, Coleman’s Cross, Moore’s Cross, Lacken, Cushinstown, Ballynaboola, Raheevarren, Courthoyle and back to Raheen for Refreshments and Raffle.

All proceeds will go to Adamstown and Raheen Community Centres. All vehicles welcome and all support greatly appreciated.


Raheen Family Resource Centre is organising workshops on alternative lunch box ideas for parents. These will take place on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th April from 10.00am – 12.30pm in Adamstown Community Centre. This is a family event open to all.


Adamstown GAA  – Boys U-6 Academy

Starting 12th April at Adamstown GAA Astra

Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm

Fun, Friendship and Fundamental Movements.

To register or for more information Contact the following:

Vinny 087 9673105 or Colin 087 7725471

Congratulations to one of our underage stars – James Furlong on making Wexford’s Kennedy Cup Squad 2022.

A talented young man at a variety of sports he captained our U-13 footballers to Co. Final glory in 2021, and we wish him all the best in the upcoming tournament.


The Annual Spring Clean is now getting under way again this year. Bags and gloves for the Spring Clean are available to pick up in Cullen’s Gala from Friday 25th March and all bags must be returned before Tuesday 5th April.

Details on the packs to where bags are to be left.

Thank you for your continued support in trying to keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy always.


The April Dance will take place this Friday 1st April and we can’t wait to see you all again. Dancing 9-11pm. Adm €10.

Tea served. Music by the ever-popular Peter Burke.


(Country Matters – Joe Kennedy, Sun Independent)

The shrubbery has been severely cut back by landscapers There is no ‘wilding’. The scraggy image of one outpost of featureless ash and undergrowth was totally altered in a morning’s work. There was one small bird in the tonsured bush, perhaps initially bewildered but quickly finding its bearings. The robin had disappeared but had returned to see its territory reduced to chopped sticks and stumps after an invasion of steel blades. It would take more than this to dishearten this tiny redbreast, one felt as it surveyed its shattered world from above, from the ground and within by way of a series of patrols. This bird was still in charge despite the intrusion of a cock blackbird, tail saluting in excitement as it scattered loosened earth, and the arrival of curious woodpigeons. Just what does it think of man’s intrusions? This bird, it may seem, pays scant attention to humans – but don’t be fooled: it is on constant watch for any food sources revealed by soil disturbance and human appearance in its domain. It may suddenly appear at one’s feet, cocking its head in a manner to encourage gardening These ‘Birds of God’ are ruthless defenders of territory, yet folklore has many tales of the bestowal of kindness and care on other creatures. Poet William Black, at a time when wild bird trappings was widespread, and who saw the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, cried out: “A robin redbreast in a cage/Puts all heaven in a rage”. This tiny bird is also recorded as a footman of finality, showing care for the dead and wounded in war. The 17th century writer Michael Drayton wrote “Covering with moss the dead’s unclosed eye, the little redbreast teacheth charity”. And playwright John Webster in The White Devil wrote “O’er shady groves they hover/And with leaves and flowers do cover/The friendless bodies of unburied men”

The birds’ nesting activity shows enduring friendship with man. They will build in old pots and kettles and pockets of coats hanging in garden sheds, on an old bed in an attic room and, in times of conflict, have been images of home to soldiers such as the Meath poet Francis Ledwidge on the Western Front in World War 1: “This is a song a robin sang/This morning on a broken/tree/It was about the little fields/That call across the world to me”


Irish Life Health National Juvenile Indoor Championships:

Congratulations to Ciara Mooney who came 1st in the

U 18  Indoor National Race Walk (7.37.28 minutes) .

Well done also to Bobby O’Shea who finished 9th in the National Championships boys U-12 shot put, a great achievement Bobby, we are all so proud of you


Don’t forget to put your clock forward one hour this Saturday night as Daylight saving time comes into place at

 1.00am on Sunday morning.



Sat 26th – Mary Furlong, Tomgarrow (A)

Sun 27th – Peg Roche, Ballyshannon (Month’s Mind)

Sat 2nd April – Syl Furlong, Tomgarrow (A)

Also               Joe Kidd, Oldcourt (A)

&                    Michael & Catherine, Barron, Coonogue (A)

&                    John Kehoe, Raheenduff (Month’s Mind)

Sun 3rd – Noel & Maureen Whitty, Clonroche (A)

Pray for Seán Doyle, Ballyvergin (A)

Pray for Michael & Jack Furlong, Aidan & Katie Furlong,

& Moyish Kavanagh, Coonogue.

May they rest in peace.

First Friday 1st April & First Saturday Mass each morning at 9.30am

Visitation of the sick and housebound on Friday  1st & Saturday 2nd April.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Thursday following 9.30am Mass to 3.00pm.


Sat 2nd April – Liam Whelan. Sun 3rd – Callie Doyle

Sat 9th – Anthony McGee      Sun 10th – Sheelagh Delaney


PATRON SAINTS (Liam Riordan)

Nations, like individuals and cities and churches, have their guardian angels, and their patron saints.

In Australia in the 1880’s (the story goes) a new Bishop was appointed, and though a good Irishman, was rather worried to find that practically every church in his wide-scattered diocese was named after St. Patrick. The next time a church was due to be built in a new town, the Bishop called a meeting there and announced the date of the foundation stone laying. When the applause had subsided, he added as a tactful afterthought: “The new church will be dedicated to St. Athanasius”. There was an embarrassing silence for a minute or two.  Then a big parishioner at the back stood up and said: “Yerra, my Lord, can I ask a question?”

“Certainly,” said the Bishop. “That’s what we are her for.”

“Well, my Lord, meanin’ no disrespect, me and the boys down here would like to know what St. Athanasius ever did for Ireland!”

A PRAYER (Tertullian  – 155-240)

All the Angels pray,

Every creature prays,

Cattle and wild beasts pray and bend the knee,

as they come from their barns and caves,

They look out to heaven and call out,

Lifting up their spirits in their own fashion.

The birds too rise and lift themselves up to heaven.

They open their wings, instead of hands,

in the form of a cross and give voice to what seems a prayer.

What more do we need to say on the duty of prayer?

Even the Lord Himself prayed,

To Him be honour and praise for ever and ever. Amen.


Thanks to the ladies from Oldcourt for looking after the Church and Altars for the month of March, it is now the turn of parishioners from Adamstown for the month of April.


The whole community was deeply saddened to hear of the death of Mick Roche, Tinnecarrig, Newbawn and formerly Ballyshannon, on Friday 18th March. We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Killian, son Tom, brothers John, P.J. Patrick, Anthony, sisters Anne and Mary, extended family, neighbours and friends.  Mick’s funeral Mass was celebrated in The Church of the Sacred Heart, Newbawn on Monday 21st followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.


We continue to reflect on how the Church embraces the synodal journey.

 Across our dioceses, many have become involved in praying together in our communities. We give thanks to God who is with us on our life’s journey.

How can we in Ferns diocese become more active and increase participation of all the faithful in Liturgy and prayer


Due to the worrying increase of Covid at the present time, we recommend the continued use of face coverings within Churches during Masses or other liturgies. It may slow down the spread especially at a time when there is celebration of the Sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.


Lord, thank you for all mothers.

For the new ones, who endure sleepless nights with

 infants in arms.

For the busy ones, who juggle the pressures of

home and family life.

For the steadfast ones, who nurture and care for our

special and vulnerable children.

For the patient ones, who always seek to forgive and engage with their pre-teens.

For the persistent ones, who cleverly find new ways

to connect with their mini-adults.

For the mother aunts, who step in to cradle and care

for nieces and nephews.

For all grandmas, who love and support their

 precious grandchildren.

For the foster mums that are called to gather and

cover the fragile ones.

For the Sunday mums who care for our children and

lead them in faith.

For the mums who give far beyond their own resources,

who overcome disability to cherish and love

Thank you Lord for all our beautiful mothers.

Help us to support them and keep them in our prayers.

May you bless them now on this their special day.  Amen.

Wishing All Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day

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