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13th August, 2023

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 12th & Sun 13th August 2023 

Volume 23.   Number 30


The winning numbers in the Adamstown Lotto Draw on Tuesday 7th were: 12 – 17 – 21 – 29. There was no Jackpot winner including online players. There was one match three player – Ann Kinsella, Killengney who received €200.

The next draw is on Monday 21st August for a Jackpot of €15,000. Keep on buying the ticket – it will be won!!

And it could by you!


This Saturday 12th August Adamstown AFC hosted the Kevin McGrath Memorial Cup. The first game was Adamstown AFC v’s Adamstown Coaches & Managers.

Coaches & Managers from the Soccer Club and GAA joined forces for this special event. Teams from Shelbourne FC and Rosbercon FC also took part. Donations accepted on the day and all proceed raised will go to Pieta House.

Your support is very welcome.


Fergal Quinn used to tell a great story about price wars and how markets work. Early on in his career, Quinn ended up getting into a price war over cornflakes with a competitor supermarket in Dundalk. Cornflakes were initially selling at one shilling and 11 pence. But after a series of tit-for-tat price cuts, Quinn was selling cornflakes for one and four, and his competitor was selling them for one and three. But at that time, Quinn was buying his cornflakes wholesale for one and seven. So Quinn put up a sign in his window saying he would buy boxes of cornflakes from customers for one and six. This meant customers could go to the rival supermarket, buy cornflakes for one and three, and make a profit of three pence by selling them to Quinn. And Quinn was still getting the cornflakes cheaper than if he was buying them from the wholesaler. On one level, it made no sense, but on another level, it is an extreme example of a market working well to benefit the consumer. Markets have got a bad rap in recent years. But right now, we are seeing the invisible hand of the consumer work its magic. As people become more and more aware of prices, and started exercising their choices in where they do their shopping, the retailers have had to respond.

(Brendan O’Connor – Sunday Independent)


The death occurred on Sunday 6th Aug of Eileen Nolan, Southknock, New Ross. We extend our deepest sympathy to her brothers Hugh &  Paddy her brothers in law Fr. Robert, Patrick  & John, the extended Nolan and O’Reilly families, neighbours and friends. Her funeral Mass was celebrated in St. Mary & Michael’s Parish Church, New Ross on Thursday last followed by burial in St. Stephen’s cemetery.

May her gentle soul rest in peace.

EULOGY READ AT MICHAEL COMERFORD’S FUNERAL MASS by his son Pascal in Carrick-On-Suir on 17th July.

On behalf of my mum Margaret, and my brother Denis and myself, we would like to firstly extend our gratitude to all the family, friends and those who came today to honour Michael’s life. Thanks to everyone who helped out over the last few days, particularly my uncle Fr. Richard Delahunty, CSsR, who presided over the funeral Mass. It really is a testament to how much Michael was loved and respected to see so many at the wake and funeral and everyone willing to do so much to assist our family at this difficult time. Michael was born in Oldcourt, Adamstown to Thomas and Margaret Comerford and had one brother Tony, who sadly passed away in January last and two sisters Eileen and Brigid, who continue to live in Adamstown. After leaving school, Michael moved to Wateford to pursue a career in the bar trade where he plied his trade both in the city and on the Ferry to England for several years. He met his future wife in the ‘Ballroom of Romance’ back in Adamstown, and shortly after they married, they bought the Kickham Inn in Carrick on Suir. Over the past few days I heard many lovely stories of how much a gentleman he was in Kickhams over the past 30 years. He was a tough but fair publican and ran a good business, with my mum and himself making a great team, one memory shared was his legendary bell which would be called into action to clear the bar at closing time.  We have it here today as a memento.  Over the years Dad’s main hobby in life was his vintage cars, which he bought and restored, starting with a decrepit Morris and quickly moving on to Fords, Sunbeams, Austin’s, BMW’s, etc. He spent many happy hours in his garage with friends, tinkering with his cars. Dad & Mum were always together and travelled widely to Vintage runs and shows countrywide and made many friends. Following retirement, Michael, always the gentleman, continued to wear his suit every day and never dropped his sense of style. He also continued his custom of having a very welcoming and open house where visitors and friends were always welcome. Carrig Beg house hosted many parties over the years including Annual Vintage club meets and Dad thrived as Master of Ceremonies and centre of activities for such events. Dad served as a popular and knowledgeable chairman of the Suir Valley Vintage Club for many years, and we are grateful to the many members here today who provided a beautiful guard of honour from the house to the church. Dad was a proud grandfather to his six grandchildren. Michael’s health deteriorated over the last year, and very quickly over the last few weeks. He was fortunately moved to the new Palliative Care Unit in Ardkeen for his last week, where they took wonderful care of Dad and indeed all the family. We will be eternally grateful to the nurses & staff of Palliative Care who provide a wonderful service.   Dad was predeceased by many good friends, customers and many beloved vintage men, so I’m sure they will have plenty to chat about in the big bar or field day in Heaven and when it is time to go home, Dad will have his bell out to call time once again.   Rest in peace Michael.



Sat 12th – Tom (Tiddler) Byrne, Kellystown (A)

Sun 13th – Padraig & Susan O’Gorman, Kellystown (A)

Sat 19th – John, Bridie, Nicholas and

Sister Eleanor Whelan, Kellystown (A)

Sun 20th – People of the Parish.

Pray for Eileen Nolan, New Ross who died during the week.

Pray for Anna Mai Furlong, Castleview (A)

May they rest in peace. 

Tuesday 15th August – Feast of the

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Vigil Mass Monday 14th at 7.30pm &

Tuesday 15th Mass at 10.30am

Please note the Thursday Adoration will take a break for the next three weeks, it will resume the 7th September.


Sat 12th – Liam Whelan          Sun 13th – Ann Ryan

Sat 19th – Cáit Bradley           Sun 20th – Callie Doyle

Sat 26th – T. J. McDonald      Sun 27th – Kathleen O’Connor

Feast Days this week:

Mon 14th – St. Maximilian Kolbe, priest and martyr.

A Franciscan who worked in the apostolate of the press in Poland and Japan, and died in Auschwitz.

Tue 15th – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Thurs – Our Lady of Knock


“God our loving Father, we know that you care deeply for us. We ask you to bless us with the good weather we so badly need at this time.

Bless the work and efforts of all your people so that their endeavours may produce the results they need.

Grant success to the work of our hands.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen”


A Prayer for the end of the day:

Grant, O Lord, that each day

Before we enter the quiet and peace of sleep,

We may reflect on the day that is just passed.

Grant, O Lord that every wrong deed may be forgiven,

And every unkind thought set right.

Let nothing go down into the depths of our being

Which has not been forgiven and sanctified.

Then we shall be ready for the new day that will dawn,

So that we may enjoy each day in its turn.

Help us to look forward with love and hope

 to the events that each day brings.  Amen.

IT HAPPENED IN AUGUST – 13th August 1961

The Berlin ‘Wall’ came into existence after the East German government closed the border between east and west sectors of Berlin with barbed wire to discourage emigration to the West. The barbed wire was replaced by a five metre high concrete wall on 20th August eventually extending 166 kilometres around the perimeter of West Berlin. The wall included electrified fences, fortifications and guard posts.


The opening ceremony with Mass celebrated by Bishop Ger Nash followed by Procession will be at 3pm on Tuesday 15th August and concludes on Friday 8th September with Candlelight Procession. Each weekday we have Mass at 3.00pm & 7.30pm with several speakers and musicians invited to take part. Please note the earlier time for evening Masses this year.

It is customary for many parishes and organisations to come for their own special pilgrimage, be that afternoon or evening. Indeed last year more groups than ever took part.

To do so, provides a much needed opportunity for people to bond and reclaim a sense of being community, especially after Covid isolation and declining Church practice for the past few years. The feedback from such gatherings has always been positive and it provided a welcome injection of faith and new life. We warmly welcome such gatherings again this year and in order to co-ordinate events would invite you to submit the enclosed application form to Ann Carthy, Our Lady’s Island, and return it before July 28th. Her number is 087-6464198

Groups and organisations may wish to nominate someone to speak.


During the Second World War, there was a few hundred powerful men who directed hostilities and made choices that would cause maximum destruction to their enemies.

There were hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who, waking up to the aftermath of those acts of destruction, made the choice to get up, go out, bury the dead, bind the wounded, and rebuild their homes.

In the twenty-first century there are a few hundred politicians making strategies of war.

There are millions of ordinary people making plans for peace.

Living as though war were inevitable makes war inevitable.

Living as if peace were possible, makes peace possible.

(Margaret Silf – Compass Points)


In 1988, carbon-dating tests concluded the Shroud of Turin was a 700 year-old fake. Some 35 years later, 21st Century science has reopened the debate and pointing towards an entirely different conclusion.

Filmmaker Robert Orlando dives into the middle of the debate over the shroud’s origins and authenticity with a new documentary, The Shroud: Face to Face, set for release in November. Mr. Orlando, who has written a book by the same title, frames his subject as a contemporary  “true crime” investigation, employing recreated scenes and edgy visual effects to give the film an artsy atmosphere.

Patron in St. Abban’s on Sunday 3rd September

WORDS OF WISDOM – (Nelson Mandela)

A leader….is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock,

letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realising that all along they are being directed from behind.

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