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20th August, 2023

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 19th & Sun 20th August 2023 

Volume 23    Number 21



The next draw in the Adamstown Lotto takes place this Monday 21st August in the Community Centre for a Jackpot of €15,000. Do buy a ticket – it could be your numbers this time!  Please leave books back in Cullen’s shop by 8pm on draw night. Thank you for your continued support.


Is promoting to homeowners in the Carlow, Wexford and Waterford areas. is a website that helps homeowners rent out spare rooms in their homes to students attending SETU. Homeowners who rent out a room can earn up to

€14K per year tax free. There is no charge to register your property with this website and you will be helping our students live in the area local to their campus.


We extend our deepest sympathy to Gertie & Tom Mooney and family, Knockreigh on the death of Gertie’s sister, Marguerite Storan, Marian Park, Waterford and formerly Enniscorthy, who died on Sat 12th August. Her funeral Mass was celebrated on Tuesday last in the Holy Family Church followed by burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Ballygunner. May she rest in peace.

Our sympathy also to Tom Mooney & Cathy O’Gorman and all of their families on the death of their sister Phyllis Geraghty, Churchtown, Dublin and formerly Rathnure who died on Monday 14th August. Her funeral Mass was celebrated in the Church of the Good Shepherd, Churchtown on Saturday 19th August followed by burial in Kilmashogue Cemetery, Rathfarnham.   May she rest in peace.


September Classes

Ladies Fitness, Pilates & Weight Loss classes starting back in Adamstown Community Centre Tuesdays from September 12th. A week of FREE CLASSES and information evening about the weight loss group will take place on Tuesday 5th, so come and find out more information and TRY out a class. Ladies Weight Loss talk will take place from 18.00 – 18.40. Strength & Conditioning TRIAL CLASS will start at 18.45 & Pilates information & trial class will start at 19.30.

Booking is essential, so please contact Sarah for more information or to book your place at 087 0627536.


We were not meant to be inundated with cement, asphalt, glass and metal, and deprived of physical contact with nature.

HEED THE WISE WORDS OF A MAN AHEAD OF HIS TIME (John Seymour (Born 1914 – died 2004)

Would John Seymour, perhaps now considered an old-fashioned guru of self-efficiency, have been dismissive of today’s advocates of “no-dig” kitchen gardens?  or would there be a cautiously warm embrace of a new mantra to encourage more people to grow their own food and perhaps keep a few laying hens and a cow or two?  This remarkable man, who once lived in a bus and grew potatoes and

 cabbage around it, has long since departed to far greater cultivations. He is probably undertaking bread-and butter making and no doubt is continuing a philosophical discourse with his cow Polly – who he rated as being far sounder than many a PhD student he had known. John Seymour was an English man who settled near New Ross. He was a writer, talker and advertisement for the life he led, working the soil, building, teaching, ballad singing and enjoying the fruits of his labours in the company of friends. His ‘bible’ The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency published in 1976  (Dorling Kindersley) was translated into 20 languages, with sales in the millions, and is still on sale today. Seymour believed self-sufficiency was not a return to the past in order to seek some sort of idealised life, but was rather a going forward to better times for fresh food, organically grown, for health of mind and body, which came of varied work in the open performed successfully. He was a man of forthright observations – he thought the best compost could be made in 12 hours having passed through the innards of an animal and he felt manicured lawns and tidy flowerbeds were a waste of space. He delighted in the sight of tomatoes ripening in window boxes and on balconies in city apartment blocks.

Get planting, he urged, abandon garden lawns for a scheme of crop rotation with every inch a production unit. Seymours wonderful book is an impressive compendium of tasks to instruct people in a new and exciting life, and is full of technical details about the natural energy of wind, water and solar power, fuel from waste, building, making bricks, tiles and even a heating furnace. His words on climate advice then are now echoed daily and he reminded his readers that the Earth was not for man’s exclusive use. He warned: “To destroy every form of life except such as is directly of use to us is immoral and will ultimately contribute to our own destruction. And a final word: “Leave wildness on your holding where life can flourish undisturbed.

Man should be a husbandman, not an exploiter. (Joe Kennedy – Country Matters – Sunday Independent)

Note – While he lived outside New Ross in 1999 he was taken to court for destroying a crop of GM Sugar  hissss

He died in 2004 in his old Pembrokeshire farm and is buried in the top field in an orchard that he himself had planted.



Sat 19th – John, Bridie, Nicholas and Sr. Eleanor Whelan, Kellystown (A)

Sun 20th – People of the Parish

Sat 26th – Bridie Wakeman, Newcastle & Raheenduff (A)

Sun 27th – Pat Power, The Leap (A)

May they rest in peace.


Sat 19th  – Cáit Bradley.     Sun 20th – Callie Doyle

Sat 26th – T. J. McDonald.  Sun 27th – Kathleen O’Connor.

Sat 2nd – Eoghan Greene.  Sun 3rd – Sheelagh Delaney


Our Annual Patron & Blessing of Graves will take place with Mass at 1.30pm in St. Abban’s Church on

Sunday 3rd September 2023 followed by Blessing of Graves.


The Pilgrimage season in Our Lady’s Island continues.

Each weekday we have Mass at 3.00pm & 7.30pm with several speakers and musicians invited to take part. Please note the earlier time for evening Masses this year.

It is customary for many parishes and organisations to come for their own special pilgrimage, be that afternoon or evening. Indeed last year more groups than ever took part.

To do so, provides a much needed opportunity for people to bond and reclaim a sense of being community, especially after Covid isolation and declining Church practice for the past few years. The feedback from such gatherings has always been positive and it provided a welcome injection of faith and new life.


“God our loving Father, we know that you care deeply for us. We ask you to bless us with the good weather we so badly need at this time.

Bless the work and efforts of all your people so that their endeavours may produce the results they need.

Grant success to the work of our hands.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen”


You are strong…..

when you take your grief and teach it to smile.

You are brave……

when you overcome your fear and help others do the same.

You are happy when…….

you see a flower and give it your blessing.

You are loving ….

when your own pain does not blind you to the pain of others.

You are wise…..

when you know the limits of your own wisdom.

You are true…

when you admit there are times you fool yourself.

NEW ROSS PARISH MISSION – St. Mary’s & St. Michael’s Parish Church, New Ross.

Takes place from Saturday 23rd September – – Friday 29th September.

Mission Prayer:

God, Our Father, Bless & Direct our preparations for our Parish Mission.

Re-Ignite    –   Our minds to new ideas.

Re-Connect    Our ears to hear your word anew.

Re-Ignite         Our hearts to welcome others in love.

Re-Connect –   Our wills so that renewed in Faith & Joyful in hope, we  may at all times try to serve you & our community. Amen.


This monthly online quiz will take place next Friday 25th August at 8pm. to take part:

(1) google

(2) put in the code for this month which is 860235

We have now provided over 376,000 meals. Please help us to feed more hungry children at school.

To donate go to or contact Martin Colfer on 087 2596159 €5 is enough for 45 meals!

All support to date is very much appreciated.

‘From hunger to hope’


A class reunion was due to take place and the organiser of the event slipped a comment to me that one of the class, Owen, had clearly said on the phone that he would certainly not be turning up due to being bullied by a group in his school days. The class monitor had not spotted this at the time. I rang Owen and had a chat. I assured him that he would be safe at the dinner, but left the decision to him. To the delight of the class, everyone turned up, including Owen. The leading culprit, who had been the bully, came over to me at the dinner, a bit shocked at seeing Owen, and wondering what he might do. “Join that group over there yourself and say you are glad to see him – and do it with respect”, I advised. Two weeks later, a letter arrived from Owen saying it was one of the happiest days of his life.

(Fr. Alan Mowbray SJ – Pioneer Magazine)


(Alfred Lord Tennyson)

More things are wrought by prayer

Than this world dreams of. Wherefore, let thy voice

Rise life a fountain for me night and day.

For what are men better than sheep or goats

That nourish a blind life within the brain,

If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer

Both for themselves and those who call them friend?

For so the whole round earth is every way

Bound by gold chains about the feet of God”


The little bit of paper left when holes are punched in data cards or tape is called a chad.

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