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7th April, 2024

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 6th & Sun 7th April 2024 

Volume 24.  Number 14



The winning numbers in the Adamstown Lotto draw on

Tuesday 2nd April were: 4 – 13 – 19  – 29. There was no Jackpot winner including online players. There was one match three player who received €200 – Emma Staunton, Doononey. The next draw is on Monday 15th April in the

Community Centre for a Jackpot of €9,400.  Thanks for your continued support and please keep on buying the tickets.


Just a reminder of the Shamrock Vintage Club Pat Byrne Memorial Road Run this Sunday 7th April leaving Adamstown at 1.00pm. Proceeds from this Road run are going to Adamstown National School Parents Association.

They would appreciate your support.


With great excitement the draw for the Lourdes tickets was held on Sunday morning last – the lucky winners were

Lorna Komsa, Adamstown, Nick Walsh, Brocurra, Padraig English, Raheenduff. We were delighted to be able to give three people the chance to travel to Lourdes with the Diocesan Pilgrimage in May. A huge thank you to all who purchased tickets and in doing so made it possible to have three people avail of this wonderful opportunity.

Thanks also to those who volunteered to sell the tickets throughout the parish.

€2,435.00 was raised from ticket sales.

THANKS – Mischief & Melody

Thank you to everyone who supported our variety show, Mischief & Melody, in the Horse & Hound, Ballinaboola recently.  A big thank you also to everyone who was involved in any way with the show and to our sponsors who gave so generously.  Because of the generosity of so many of you, we raised 5,525 Euro which will be split evenly between Parkinson’s Ireland Wexford Branch and Raheen Day Centre, ARC.


The weekly Thursday night Card game continues in the Community Centre at 8.30pm (please note change of time)

every week. Winners on Thursday 4th April wereOwen & Sammy Elmes, Michael McLoughlin, Josie Doyle, Kathleen Whean, Paddy Furlong, Johnny Nolan, Seamus Joyce.

IT HAPPENED IN APRIL – 4th April 1968

Nobel Laureate, American Christian and Civil Rights leader, Rev Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated by a sniper in Memphis, Tennessee, while standing on the balcony of his room at the Lorraine Motel. He had championed  non-violent resistance to end racial oppression. James Earl Ray was convicted of his murder. Upon Ray’s death on 23rd April 1998, he was cremated and his ashes brought to Ireland.

(Pioneer Magazine)


The Annual Mental Health Gate Collection for Wexford Mental Health, will take place this weekend after Mass on Saturday night April 6th and after Mass on Sunday morning April 7th. Most of us have a family member who suffers from Mental Health issues, or know someone who does.

Please give generously to this cause, your help is greatly appreciated.


Adamstown ICA Guild will hold its AGM in Coláiste Abbáin next Wednesday April 10th at 8pm. This is an ideal opportunity to join now ladies, so hope to see some new faces on the night. Competition is for a colour photo 7 x 5 of “your  memory of spring”. The winner will go forward to represent our guild at the next Federation meeting April 29th in Ballyfad Community Centre. Five Adamstown members enjoyed a lovely evening in Beechdale Garden Centre last Wednesday 3rd April, where Olga gave a very informative  talk on what we should be doing in our gardens at present and what to plant for maximum effect later on.

Sixty members of guilds around Wexford were present for a lovely get-together  and of course the tea and cake to finish. Well done to Dympna Kelly for organising the event.

Don’t forget to keep Thursday 18th April free when Historian and Author MIchael Fortune will be in Adamstown, full details next week.


Amazingly, the sun is a million times bigger than the earth with a surface temperature of over 6,000 degrees centigrade. And at the centre the temperature is an incredible 15,000,000 degrees. Great amounts of heat and light are given off by the gases on the sun’s surface, but  most of the heat and light is lost in space during the eight and a half minutes it takes for the sun’s light to reach the earth, travelling at the speed of light, 186,325 miles per second. The distance between the earth and the sun is 150,000,000 km. The sun measures nearly 4,000,000 km across or equal to 109 earths placed side by side. It would take a jet eighteen and a half years to reach the sun!

In the most northerly part of Norway the sun never sets between May 13th and July 31st – so it means that you can see the sun even at midnight.

The sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered out by the ozone layer 24 km above the surface  of the earth. It’s reckoned that the sun loses weight at the rate of a million tons a second. The sun should never be looked at directly. Although it’s a long distance away, it’s so bright that it will damage your eyes.

(Ireland’s Own)



Sat 6th April – Mary & Lisa Furlong, Tomgarrow

Also        Mary McCabe, Rathsilla (A)

Sun 7th – Johnny Crean, Clonard & Glenour (A)

Also        John O’Brien, Ballyvergin (Month’s Mind)

Also        Noel & Maureen Whitty, Clonroche (A)

Also        Michael & Catherine Barron, Coonogue (A)

Sat 13th – Joe Kidd, Oldcourt (A)

Sun 14th – People of the Parish.

Pray for Sister Marcella Nolan who died in New Jersey during the week.

May they rest in peace.

Divine Mercy Sunday this Sunday 7th April

The quality of mercy is not strained;

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven

Upon the place beneath,

It is twice blessed –

it blesseth him that gives.

and him that takes.

(William Shakespeare)

Monday 8th April – Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord.


“God our loving Father, we know that you care deeply for us.

We ask you to bless us with the good weather we so badly need at this time.

Bless the work and efforts of all your people so that their endeavours may produce the results they need.

Grant success to the work of our hands.

We make this prayer through Christ our Lord”. Amen.


Sat 6th – Eoghan Greene.  Sun 7th – Cáit Bradley

Sat 13th – Annette English. 

Sun 14th – Amelia Swierczlynska

Sat 20th – Liam Whelan.       Sun 21st Kathleen O’Connor

Sat 27th – T.J.  McDonald.  Suin 28th – Ann Ryan


There was a good attendance for the Holy Week Ceremonies in St. Abban’s Church. A word of thanks to Fr. Nolan for officiating over the week, to Fr. Odhran for helping out on Saturday 23rd. A sincere thanks to the Folk Group, musicians and singers who greatly enhanced the ceremonies over Holy Week. Thanks also to those who decorated the church so beautifully, and parishioners from Coonogue who facilitated this, to the ladies who erected the lovely Easter Garden, and to all those who donated flowers for the garden,  the readers, Eucharistic Ministers and any one who helped in any way to make the Easter Ceremonies a special, prayerful and welcoming time.

TRÓCAIRE – Lenten Appeal

Thanks to those who have returned their Trócaire Boxes over the past week the amount donated to date is €1,549.00. If you still have a box at home, please bring it back in the coming days. Every euro counts – no matter how small it all adds up. Thank you.


The Diocesan collection on Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th March taken up in St. Abban’s Church for the Church of the Future amounted to €570. Thanks for your contributions.

SHEEP AND LAMBS (Katharine Tynan Hinkson)

All in an April evening,

April airs were abroad;

The sheep with their little lambs

Pass’d me by on the road.

The lambs were weary, and crying

With a weak human cry,

I thought on the Lamb of God

Going meekly to die.

Up in the blue, blue  mountains

Dewy pastures are sweet;

Rest for the little bodies.

Rest for the little feet.

But for the Lamb of God,

Up on the hill-top green,

Only a cross of shame

Two stark crosses between.


Nature teaches us that  nothing lasts forever and nothing ever continues as it began. This gives us the courage to seek solutions to our difficulties, the courage to get through any hard time, because we know that no matter how hard it may seem at any given moment, it will go away.

(Sr. Stan Kennedy – Gardening the Soul)

A SMILE – TICKET        (Ireland’s Own)

“I want a ticket for Magnolia” she announced at the railway booking office. Twenty minutes later, after thumbing through every railway guide in the office, the ticket clerk asked her in desperation, “And just where is Magnolia?

“She’s sitting over there on the seat” the old lady replied politely.

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