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March 28th, 2021

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 27th & Sun 28th March 2021

Volume 22. Number 11



How true those words are – it was lovely to see on the front page of the New Ross Standard a picture of one of our

oldest friends Cecilia Heffernan having the first visit in months from her son Danny. Cecilia who is in her 99th year was a much loved part of Adamstown community and the local Active Retired group, and was like so many others during the last few months unable to have visits from family or friends during lockdown. Danny said “she was in great form and full of chat” We extend our good wishes to Cecilia and hopefully when times are better she will be able to have

more visits from family, friends and neighbours in Adamstown.


It was unfortunate for Jonathan Moore to lose out at Cheltenham last week following an injury the previous Saturday. Jonathan was due to partner Flooring Porter & Vanillier for Gavin Cromwell on Thursday & Friday last.

Flooring Porter won at 12/1 ridden by Danny Mullins & Vaniller won on Friday at 14/1 ridden by Mark Walsh.

Wishing Jonathan well and a speedy recovery to full fitness.

Well done to Sean Flanagan who had an 80/1 win on Tuesday riding Jeff Kidder for Noel Meade.


Community Garden Launch

This week, the school was privileged to launch Adamstown’s new Community Garden. The children were the guests of honour and every group got to cut a ribbon with the ceremonial scissors – sanitised between each use, of course. Fr. Nolan was also in attendance to bless the garden, all its future workers along with the fruits of their labour. The children were brought out in groups to examine the garden and learn about the variety of fruits and vegetables that can be grown there. Then they got to plant their own flower and vegetable seeds that will eventually be taken home. They had a choice between sunflowers and marigolds, lettuce and courgette. The children are very excited about the prospect of watching a sunflower tower up from its pot or munching on some fresh vegetables that they have watered, weeded and cared for themselves. Each class has its own raised bed, separate from the community’s plot, so the children can plant and grow every spring. We have also been designated some fruit trees to tend to that include apple, gooseberry and plum trees. The team from ARC (formerly known as Raheen Family Resource Centre) have been working very hard for months to set up, install and build this fantastic resource for the community. The school feels blessed having the opportunity to host this garden and are very grateful to benefit from what it has to offer.

Hung in the polytunnel is a beautiful fabric hand-made banner stating the garden’s motto ‘Grow Together’ or

 ‘Ag Fás le Chéile’. So simple yet so meaningful

KNOCK SHRINE – Irish Catholic

Pope Francis has urged Irish Catholics to remember the great faith that Irish missionaries have brought to the world. The Pope made the plea on Friday 19th March via a video link to Knock Shrine where he formally elevated the site of the Virgin Mary’s apparition in 1879 as an international sanctuary of special Eucharistic and Marian devotion.

He said the elevation “is a great responsibility”.

You accept to always have your arms wide open as a sign of welcome to every pilgrim who may arrive from any part of the world, asking nothing in return but only recognising him (or her) as a brother or a sister who desires to share the same experience of fraternal prayer” he said. “You have been a missionary people. We cannot forget how many priests left their homeland in order to become missionaries of the Gospel”

Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Knock has led the way in helping people to engage with their faith and offered daily religious services online. On Nov 22nd last year, the shrine celebrated a Mass of Remembrance for all who had died on the island of Ireland from Covid-19. Over 120,000 people joined in the Mass online. 3,000 candles were placed around the sanctuary of Knock Basilica, one candle to represent each person who died due to Covid-19 up to that time.  Our Parish of Adamstown has always had a great love for Knock and each year many people make the pilgrimage to Knock Shrine.


The Irish Civil War commenced on June 28th 1922. “Brother Against Brother & Father against Son” In March 1923 a tragic chapter of the war opened with the execution of three Republican Prisoners in Wexford gaol namely, Parle, Hogan and Creane. In retaliation Republican Forces shot dead three members of the Free State Army in an area known as the Barracks. The Civil War ended on May 24th 1923.


Lieut. Thomas Jones, Dublin.

Sergt. Edward O’Connor, Chapel Lane, Kilkenny,

Private Patrick Horan, Callan, Co. Kilkenny

Who lost their lives here during the Civil War and for all those who died in this fratricidal war.

Radharch na trinoide go riabh achu.


Clocks go forward this Saturday night  as we welcome the longer days and hopefully some Summer weather.


The captain of a ship sees a bright light converging on him in the dark and sends out a message: ‘You had better alter your course, I am a destroyer’.

He receives a message in return: ‘You had better alter course; I am a lighthouse!



Sat 27th – John, Katie & Eileen Delaney, Oldcourt (A)

Sun 28th – Johnny Crean, Clonard & Glenour (A)

Sun 4rd April – Syl Furlong, Tomgarrow (A)

Pray for Mary McCabe, Rathsilla (A)

Pray for Margaret, Robert Furlong, Misterin and

Lizzie, Larry, Kitty & Mick Byrne, Tomgarrow (A)

Pray for Margaret Kiely, Glenour (A)

May they rest in peace.


Sun  28th – Palm Sunday: Mass at 10.30am. Palms will be blessed and be available in the Church Porch

Holy Thursday – Mass at 7.30pm

Good Friday – Passion of Christ at 3.00pm. The Cross will be left in the Church after the ceremony for private veneration. Please just bow you head in front of Cross, do not kiss the cross.

Holy Saturday – Vigil Mass  at  7.30pm

Easter Sunday – Mass at 10.30am. 

Easter Water will be available in the Church Porch.


Covid-19 has changed the world and the way we live, unfortunately Mass has not evaded this new way of life.

Our Church is open, but not for Mass gatherings, which was forced Mass to move online. Father Nolan commenced celebrating Mass online last October and since then, he has celebrated nearly 40 Masses. Although very different in many aspects, it has proved to be a great success, with each celebration averaging over 300 views, which would be a full church in normal times. The most views for a Mass actually reached over 1,700, which is phenomenal.

The online Masses have reached all parts of the world from the UK to the USA to Australia and even Africa. Locally, the Masses have been really well received with many nice comments received on a weekly basis and hopefully this will continue until the end of the pandemic and normal church services resumes.  Thanks to Fr. Nolan for embracing this new way of celebrating Mass. Thanks to Cáit for being always prepared and having everything ready for the celebration. Thanks to all the areas of the parish for having the church looking so well.  Thanks also to the readers and anyone who contributes in any way to make this possible. Mass can be found at the usual time on Sunday by searching on Facebook for Adamstown Parish Church. Send a friend request and then you will be notified when each live Mass goes online. All Easter ceremonies will be broadcast on line. A huge thanks to T.J. for facilitating this online service with his generosity of his time and talents.


Good Friday is a day of Fast and Abstinence, fasting means having one full meal and two snacks during the day.  Abstaining means abstaining from meat and soup made from meat.


The Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday 2nd April and finishes on Sunday 11th April Feast of the Divine Mercy.


Thanks to the ladies from Kellystown for looking after the Altars for the month of March, it is now the turn of parishioners from Newtown/The Leap for the month of April.

PRAYER OF THE WEEK – Irish Catholic

Lord Jesus Christ, compassionate Saviour, by humbly accepting the sufferings of your Passion, you have lovingly entered into solidarity with all who are suffering in any way.

As we look up at your cross may we recognise that you have not deserted us but you are with us in every valley of darkness. As your painful death was the prelude to your resurrection, may we go forward to Easter full of hope.  Amen

THE ONE LIFE – (John Oxenham)

But once I pass this way, and then no more.

But once – and then the silent door swings on its hinges,

Opens …… closes, and no more I pass this way.

So, while I may, with all my might, I will essay

Sweet comfort and delight.

To all I meet upon the pilgrim Way.

For no one travels twice the great Highway,

That climbs through darkness up to light,

Through night and day.


The Rosary:  Week 2 – The Mysteries of Light

The Baptism of Christ, Picturing John the Baptist and Christ in the Jordan.

Jesus performs his first miracle at Cana; Celebrating all the small miracles that occur in our lives and in nature around us.

The Proclamation: Jesus proclaims the coming of the kingdom of God. We still have His message all around us to guide us.

The Transfiguration: God commands the disciples to listen to the words of Christ. I think of how life brings us to places where we hear the words of Christ in our lives.

The Eucharist:  Jesus celebrates the Eucharist by breaking bread with the disciples. In our own small way, we can consider the richness of sharing a meal with friends or family.


We extend our deepest sympathy to the family of the late Ned Cash, Jun, Hospital Road, New Ross.

To his many relatives in Adamstown our condolences also. A private family funeral took place on Saturday.

May he rest in peace.


‘Is ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine’

We live in each other’s shadow and in each other’s shelter.

PLEASE RETURN YOUR TRÓCAIRE BOX – You may drop it in to Fr. Nolan’s house.  Thank you.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Peaceful Easter and please stay safe.

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