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March 14th, 2021

Adamstown Parish Newsletter

Weekend of Sat 13th & Sun 14th March 2021  

Volume 22  Number 9                                                                           _______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Charlie Chaplin lived 88 years and he left us four statements:

(1)           Nothing is forever, not even our problems.

(2)           I love walking in the rain because on one can see

                my tears.

(3)           The most lost day in life is the day we don’t laugh.

(4)           Six best doctors in the world….

            1 The Sun,          2 Rest,                3  Exercise,

            4 Diet,                 5 Self-respect,    6   Friends.

Stick to them at all stages of your life and enjoy a healthy life.

–               If you see the moon, you will see the beauty of God

–               If you see the sun, you will see the power of God

–               If you see a mirror, you will see God’s best creation.    So believe it.

–               We are all tourists; God is our travel agent who has

                already identified our routes, bookings and

                destinations…  trust Him and enjoy life.

GETTING OLDER!   (Fr. Seán Sherlock – Irish Catholic)

She sat in a doctor’s waiting room and noticed the name on the brass plate. She knew a boy the same name when they were in school. She wondered might it be him. He was so good looking, one of the brightest in the class and she could easily imagine him becoming a doctor. When called in, she was shocked to see an old man, balding and grey, a bit overweight and smiled to herself as she thought: “My God,

that’s not him, look how old he is, thank God, I’ve kept myself better than that”. Later, in their conversation, it emerged he had been in her school and she said she had been there during a certain time span. He said he had been there too, at the same time. And she said, “Do you know, I think you were in my class”. He looked at her and said:

“What did you teach?”


There is a chance that outdoor sporting activities will return with the lift of the next lot of restrictions early April, if this happens we are back training and looking forward to seeing everyone, stiff & unfit will be easily rectified. With this in mind, we need to start registering athletes, please text me

at 087 7631449 if you want to register for the year, €25.00 per athlete and I will arrange registration. To train you need to register, as this is our insurance cover. In the meantime, if we stay apart for the next couple of weeks things will improve, if we don’t then we are still in the same sinking ship. Best of luck to all taking part in the Adamstown N.S. challenge and don’t forget to donate. Hope to see you all soon again.

The Committee Adamstown AC.


The Parents Association have organised a clothes recycling fundraiser for Tuesday 16th March outside the Hall between 9.00am & 9.30am. Good condition reusable clothing, paired shoes, handbags, belts, hats, scarves are collected. NO duvets, cushions, pillows, teddy bears or children’s toys are collected. Thanks for your support.

Adamstown NS Step it Up and Out – Week 1 Update

There was a lot of activity last week. The 16 teams have completed a combined total of 2,030 kms out of an overall target of 5,839 km. Thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to all the teams doing their kms!

Here is the link if you would like to donate & support their fundraiser: adamstown-ns-step-it-up-amp-out-challenge.html


James Fairhurst – Ireland’s Own 2000

(Published in a 1900 magazine to celebrate the new century)

Nobody knows of the work it makes

To keep a home together;

Nobody knows of the steps it takes

Nobody knows – but Mother.

Nobody listens to childish woes

Which kisses only smother:

Nobody’s pained by naughty blows,

Nobody – only Mother.

Nobody knows of the sleepless care

Bestowed on baby brother:

Nobody knows of the tender prayer

Nobody – only Mother.

Nobody knows of the lessons taught

Of loving one another:

Nobody knows of the patience sought

Nobody – only Mother.

Nobody knows of the anxious fears

Lest darlings may not weather:

The storms of life in after years,

Nobody knows – but Mother.

Nobody knows at the throne above

To thank the Heavenly Father

For that sweetest gift – a mother’s love:

Nobody can – but Mother.

A THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK  (St. Mother Theresa)

Always love your mother,

Because you will never get another.

Wishing all Mothers a wonderful

Mother’s Day!



Sat 13th – Edward Whelan, Brocurra and deceased members of the Whelan family (A)

Sun 14th – Jack, Patrick & Annie O’Gorman, Kellystown (A)

Tuesday 16th – Mosey McCabe, Ballyvergin (A)

Wed 17th – James, Ellen, Tommy O’Shea, Mary Wilmore, Eileen Hayes & Ned O’Shea (A)

Sat 20th – People of the Parish

Sun 21st – Seán Doyle, Ballyvergin (A)

May they rest in peace.

Feast Days this week: Wednesday – St. Patrick

Friday 19th St. Joseph


(Fr Ignatius Waters CP) – Pioneer Magazine

There’s a word in Greek that we don’t have in the English and it’s been described as a word with a caress in it!

The word ‘prautes’, and it is used all the time in the Gospels to describe Jesus. It describes someone with a peaceful heart, someone gentle, someone who radiates calmness and deep joy. I feel the word ‘prautes’ describes St. Patrick too. He was gentle and humble and ordinary, surprised to find himself in such an important role. Yet, people like this are also very strong because they depend completely on God – not on their own strength or cleverness. This is how he described himself: “I am Patrick, a sinner, most unlearned, the least of all the faithful, and utterly despised by many” He was ashamed of what he called his ‘poor education’ and his ‘poor Latin’. I’m sure he did his greatest work by the kind of person he was, by his gentleness and respect for people so that the words he spoke weren’t all that important. But it didn’t matter because the words he spoke came from his heart. His faith and his love were genuine and obvious for all to see! So, being like St. Patrick is being open and honest, not ashamed to let people know you believe and hope, and letting people see you pray and trust in God. Neighbours or those you work with, even those you live with, may sneer and say, “You’re not still into all that stuff!”

There’s no need to say much in response. Just show by the way you live that all that stuff really matters!


Christ with me, Christ before me,

Christ behind me, Christ in me,

Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ on my right, Christ on my left,

Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,

Christ when I arise,

Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,

Christ in every eye that sees me,

Christ in every ear that hears me.

Wishing Everyone a Happy

St. Patrick’s Day


Adamstown GAA are running a competition to find ‘Adamstown’s Best Tipster’.  You can enter our ‘Tipping Competition’ by logging on to: and purchasing a ticket for €20. Choose Adamstown GAA as your club and then next week make your selections in the first 5 races each day. Important to get your entry in before 12 am on Tuesday. Over €4,500 in total prize fund (daily & overall)

and a huge amount of bragging rights up for grabs!.

For those who cannot enter online please contact

Tom at 087 2887792 or T.J. at 087 6798376 and we can do so on your behalf.


(Excerpt from the Statement)

On 19th February the four Catholic Archbishops had a meeting with Taoiseach Micheál Martin to continue the dialogue about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the lives of people in our Church. At that meeting the Archbishops affirmed the Church’s commitment to the protection of life, health and the promotion of the Common Good. They released the following statement.

” We strongly believe that people’s freedom to worship publicly should be restored as soon as the current Level 5 restrictions begin to be eased. It is particularly painful for Christians to be deprived, for the second year running, of the public expression of our faith during the most sacred time of Holy Week and Easter. This is especially true given that it has been clearly demonstrated that church buildings are among the safest places for people to gather. We also re-emphasise that ongoing severe restrictions on attendance at Funeral Masses (currently limited to 10) are causing untold grief to many families. Despite assurances from the Taoiseach last month that the concerns expressed by us would be given serious consideration, we note with disappointment that none of the issues raised has been responded to. We wish to remain responsive to public health messaging. For this reason we are recommending the postponement of the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies for the time being.

We encourage Catholics to make their views on these issues known to their own TDs and local representatives.

We continue to keep in prayer all who are suffering in this time of Covid, and all who contribute so much to their care.


‘OK’ is the most successful of all Americanism. It has invaded hundreds of other languages and been adopted by them as a word.  Mencken claims that US troops deployed overseas during Word War 11 found it already in use by Bedouins in the Sahara to the Japanese in the Pacific.

It was also the fourth word spoken on the surface of the moon. A possibility is that it stems from orl korrect, a humorous misspelling of all correct.


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